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Looks like time is running out...

I received this last evening.

Team USA Football is very close to departure Vienna, Austria to play a very tough opponent. I'm writing you today to express the Team's needs at several positions and hope there is a possibility you may fill the need, or may refer someone to us at this late stage of preparation.

The team needs the following:


Wide Receiver (we need up to 4)
Running Back (we need 1)
Offensive Lineman - Center (we need 1)
Corner Back (we need 1)
Defensive Tackle (we need 1)


Defensive backs
Defensive line
Special teams
Tight ends

At this late stage, any prospective athlete will have to go through the decision making process and obtain a passport very quickly. For those who do not have a passport already, it will take a special level of commitment and desire to play for the Team in Vienna as they will have to expedite their passport application.

Many thanks to each of you for your past and continued future support of our Team!

Rudy L. Wyland
Head Coach/Director
Team USA Football