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Indiana Warriors Football Team

Any players that live in Indianapolis and don't want to travel to far to practice and play give us a try. We are a Triple A team and we play teams like Racine and Kane County. The NAFL has an arrangement with the NFL that are allowing guys to make it to the NFL Combine if they qualify. You have a better shot on a NAFL team like the Indiana Warriors to make the combine. Feel free to email me if you want to be a part of our organization.

Indiana Warriors

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Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team

someone is trying hard to get players.

Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team

word on the street is this turd-bag anthony is trying sooo very hard to get players. hope nobody falls for his play-for-us-and-get-into-the-NFL bullcrap. everyone at this level of play, whether it be A, 2A, 3A, whatever, is probably just playing for fun and have lives OUTSIDE of football. maybe this guy needs a hobby or a life

Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team

Quote from the NAFL website:

NAFL players a shot at the NFL
NAFL and The Scouting Bureau Partner to Give NAFL Players a Shot at NFL
The North American Football League (NAFL) and The Scouting Bureau announced today that they are partnering in a joint venture called "NAFL Diamonds in the Rough." The NAFL and The Scouting Bureau will follow qualified players throughout the 2008 season and identify top talent within the league. The NAFL and The Scouting Bureau will identify one or more players that will qualify for the 2009 National Football League (NFL) draft pool, and then move them forward.
The players will need to meet detailed criteria established by the NFL. This criteria includes the player's high school graduation year or the year that they enrolled in college, as well as age, experience, ability, and overall potential.

While the NAFL and The Scouting Bureau have partnered since 2001, when Darnell Dinkins became the first player on an NAFL team to be drafted by an NFL team, 2008 marks a new era in the partnership.

"This is not the first time we've had a player enter the NFL Draft; however, we haven't done a good job at getting the word out," stated Rob Licopoli, Chief Executive Officer of the NAFL. "In addition to entering players into the NFL draft, the NAFL Diamonds in the Rough program is intended to create the awareness that the NAFL offers more than just a national playoff system for amateur players."

Steve Brown, Scouting Bureau Senior Analyst, says the time is right for a renewed commitment between the two organizations.

"The overall organization of the league and talent level has reached the point where it merits such attention," said Brown. "This is a joint venture that we have helped establish with the management of the NAFL that will help increase visibility and sponsorship, as well as direct high caliber athletes and 'special situations' to the NFL."

"Special situations" include players that have lacked visbility, blossomed late, or encountered personal hurdles in their lives that forced them to miss a potentially life-changing opportunity.

"There are a number of (athletes) that have the talent to contribute at the college or professional level," commented Brown. "We know there are some 'Diamonds in the Rough' in the NAFL and we just have to find them."

Brown estimates there are a number of quality prospects in the NAFL, which has upwards of 10,000 athletes playing on nearly 200 teams.

"If you only focused on the top 2% of 10,000, then you're looking at 200 athletes," said Brown. "Once you take a number of factors into consideration such as commitment level, conditioning, attitude, age, and character, you will probably come up with roughly 100 that meet our basic 'special situation' criteria."

Brown then says The Scouting Bureau will divide these players into two groups, the top 100 and the top 50, and concentrate their efforts on these athletes.

"A high percentage of that estimate would be players that could compete at some level of professional football," said Brown. "A select few will have NFL caliber skills and potential, thus they will greatly benefit from the 'Diamonds in the Rough' program."

The Scouting Bureau will utilize their regional scouting network, similar as they do for evaluating college talent, to evaluate talent in the NAFL. The Scouting Bureau and the NAFL have the resources to ensure that this program is a success.

"The NAFL's management team, led by CEO and founder Rob Licopoli, have the strategy and personnel to take this league and its concept to another level and we are going to do everything in our power to help assure their success," said Brown. "Though many may know little about this league at present, they will in the not so distant future as the NAFL develops its niche concepts, gains sponsorship, increases its visability, and becomes a formal 'stepping stone' to opportunity for a certain market of athletes."

The NAFL Diamond in the Rough is open to any players that qualify to enter the NFL Draft and currently play on a team that is a member of the NAFL. Players can enter by completing the online application on the home page of the NAFL website.

Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team

Annoyed you don't know me and I don't know you. You could have saved that bit of information. I post what you said was not true there it is in black and white. You can email me next time if you have any other question. I'm not hiding behind a name.

Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team

I have to agree, most play for fun. If someone is really that good, dont Pro teams have some sort of walk on type tryout?

Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team

Wite most ask that you have a agent so you can get invited. We sent 5 guys to the CFL tryout last week in Ohio

Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team

No need to go to a team or league that may not realy help you. Just check this out.

Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team


Did any of those players make the cut?

Since you're in the NAFL, you must be looking for pre-season games right? You're only 2 hours from us, the hardin county wolverines.


Re: Indiana Warriors Football Team

Hop sorry when we wanted a pre-season game last year as another team your organization didn't want to play us. When we asked your organization to come to the NAFL so you wouldn't have to travel so far there was not respond. This should answer that question.

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Mike Tackett

We have a NFL agent and ex-NFL players that can help these guys out to get them developed for the next level.

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Anthony you might want to speak with your current owner who was also the owner of your last team. I spoke directly with him and he was not interested in the game. Get the facts straight before stating nonsense.

Shaun B
Hardin Co. Wolverines
Director of Scheduling