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Dragons won't get get in to IFL

Well it seems that there is some trouble in IFL land. This is not the fault of anybody in the league it just comes down to logic here. The Dragons have always been a pretty good team and they always were a little lofty in their attitudes, but the simple fact is they used to have a good organization. This is not good for other teams in what ever league they should wind up in. Here are some facts to consider pros and cons on this this you deciede.
#1 Why would the contending teams want to take a chance on having a loss during the season. Look at it this way each team plays everyone once as far as I can see with the IFL's current schedule, thats one shot to beat someone and if you don't no chance at redemption. I'm certain the Cutters would not relish the fact thy could lose the season opening game.( didn't the Dragons beat them twice last year )
#2 If the Dragons were allowed back in surely they would make the playoffs.
#3 If they are not allowed back in the current teams are almost certain to make the playoffs as only one team would be left out.

#4 If they allowed back in the current schedule stays in place and you don't have to go back to the drawing board or schedule another league meeting.
#5 They are centrally located meaning the long trip to the longhorns will not be a burden to teams travel wise and with gas at 4.00 a gallon that should help some teams ( except the cutters who travel by charter bus as I understand it )
#6 Looking at the current schedule if the longhorn spot is not filled there will be teams with bye weeks that are very close together and that is not good for a team you need to have games each week to stay sharp and consistant.Case in point the Blazers would have only one league game between September the 6th and the end of the season and that would be a road game it is hard enough to keep fans interested let alone not have anything with meaning for them for a whole month.
#7 Some teams looking at the current schedule would play almost every week with bye game scattered though-out and would give them a a more favorable schedule. Some of these teams would use this to their advantage, and I'm sure they won't vote for the Dragons to come back but rather play them as an independant and not risk havign a big L on the record.
#8 It is not certain that the Dragons or any team for that matter, would play every team in the league as a non-league team.Ask yourself this question if you were the Dragons would you help a team out that voted to not allow you back into the league especially considering the league really needs a team right now.
#9 My conclusion is this,,,, the Dragons will not be voted back into the league and everyone will use them to fill a spot on their schedule and make money off their games. Gentlemen you all need to take a long hard look at things and your schedule and give this some real heart wrenching thought. Thoughly look at not only your schedule but the schedule of the other teams look at who benefits from the bye weeks and who gets hurt by them. Look at travel and travel costs, everyone knows how hard it is to travel and with gas prices as they are without being in a league and having home revenue how many of you truely think that the Dragons will be able to travel the whole year just to fill your empty spot on the schedule.I am just trying to be honest here and I hope this poat isn't taken the wrong way or out of context in any way. You all have a wonderful league and I know that this will not cripple you in any way regardless of your desision in this matter but when making your vote I do hope you will consider all the pros and cons and vote with the facts in mind and not vote to try and give yoursef an advantage. No I'm not a Dragon but I have been around semi-pro a long time and have seen many things in my years of being involved and this is just my thoughts it doesn't affect me in any way shape or form. Troy Edwards always show good judgement and this may all be resolved at this moment making this a mute point.
Thank you for reading my post and GOOD LUCK to all the team this season may you have success and no injuries.

Re: Dragons won't get get in to IFL

And when they are let back in and they start out 0-4 and decide to fold for a second time(this time during the season when games have already been played) who does that benefit. If they wanted to play in the IFL they shouldn't have acted so quickly to fold. Put a little thought into your decisions before you make them. To me, they are to unstable and should not be let back in. Also, because I am scarred they will give my team an L.