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Opportunity to Play NCAA College Football for low cost

If anyone is interested in an opportunity to play NCAA Division III football let me know. I recently hooked up with a head coach who told me about some unique programs to go to college for next to nothing and play football. Heres the criteria..... any of the points are good, only have to meet one and not have been paid.

1. You cant have been paid to play football. (Must meet this one first)
2. You are over 23 years of age.
3. You have your Associates Degree from a 2 year college.

If you fit the criteria in a nutshell, you can be admitted to a college in NC for no more than $4,500 per year. It normally cost $30,000 to go to this school as a undergrad. They have several players from the past few years playing and starting in Arena Football so players move on from this program. If your interested, contact the following...

Neal Mitchell
Head Football Coach
Greensboro College
336-272-7102 Ext:396