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Football Movie Trivia

OK everyone...the internet has ruined trivia. So, let's see how long it takes people to Google these answers. Have some fricking integrity and try to answer them without looking it up!!

1: What two stars of 1986's "Wildcats" teamed up again in two more movies in 1992 & 1995, and what were the names of those other movies?

2: In the opening scene of "The Last Boyscout", who played the RB who shot his way to a touchdown then shot himself? For extra credit what is this "actors" main claim to fame?

3: What Swinging mostly comedic actor had his movie debut in "Rudy"?

Re: Football Movie Trivia

The LAst Boyscout Rb was Billy Blanks

Re: Football Movie Trivia

Oh, and he did TaiBo ( sp? )


Re: Football Movie Trivia

1. Woody Harrelson and Wesley snipes ( White men can't jump and Money train)
2. Billy Blanks
3. Jon Favreau

I am the trivia guru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Football Movie Trivia

stan ur gay but correct on first on secong was billy blanks famous for taboo and the last one was vince vaughen he played jamie ohara

Re: Football Movie Trivia

Steve, dude stop, do not try to corect me! You are so wrong.

Re: Football Movie Trivia

Well guys, you're both right. Vince Vaughn had done TV shows, and was an extra in a couple of movies, but Rudy was his first real role. John Favreau was a taxi driver in one movie, and an extra in another before again, this was his first real part.

There...some absolutely useless knowledge about these two guys!!!