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Generals' Jamboree

The Indiana Generals will be hosting our first Jamboree. The Indiana Mustangs and West Ohio Wranglers will also be participating!! It will be held at 2:00pm on June 28th at the Ben Davis Cadet fields near 21st street and Girls School Rd. You can get directions from It is the same place we've played and practiced for the past two years.

Generals vs Mustangs at 2:00
Mustangs vs Wranglers
Wranglers vs Generals

Admission is $5
Children 12 and under are free

Re: Generals' Jamboree

The Wranglers pulled out of our jamboree last night. So this will be a full scrimmage game between the Generals and Mustangs.

Re: Generals' Jamboree

We'd love to know more about how the scrimmage went- fill us in Troy.

Re: Generals' Jamboree

hey i believe everyone would like to hera how the jamboree went. even though unfortuneatly it would have not made much good for us to make the trip...(too much of our offensive/defensive line had a wedding to attend) if anyone has any info on how it went let us know!!