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Madison County Pirates

It has been brought to my attention that you guys are interested in getting together with us and having a 7 on 7 scrimmage, if this is true please get in contact with me either on here and let me know when you are trying to get this done. You can also email me at
I hope we can make this happen.........
Posted this already but I just want to make sure that it's clear, we want to make this happen so please, if this is true get in contact with me

Re: Madison County Pirates

Contact has been made through our contacts and the details are being worked out. Nothing has been officially set yet, alto they need to be done quickly as time is running short. The 4th couldn't have fallen on a worse day.

Re: Madison County Pirates

This is very tru, hell we have a scrimmage with the Tornadoes on the 3rd, which sucks simply due to the fact that the 4th is a holiday, but thats the way things have worked out, so I hope that we can get it going cuz im sure it will be alot of fun.....