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Good luck

I want to wish good luck to all the MFL teams on their season openers. Well, everyone except the Blitz since we're playing them. :) Seriously though, I hope everyone has a good, safe game. And we are going to remind our Wolverines players of this before the game tomorrow: We do this to have FUN! Everyone remember that and don't take it too seriously. I played for the Sting and lost for two years straight and while the losing sucked, being out there was an absolute blast. Remember why we're out there doing this.

Re: Good luck

Well put Bill. Injuries can happen easy enough on there own. With the economy and the stress of everyday life its a way to take out some frustration in a positive way. All of us have families and jobs that we have to take care of. We need to keep things in perspective as well. I help out with the Shamrock and we found out thursday one of our coaches has an incurable kidney disease. Play Hard Play safe Have Fun.

Re: Good luck

I agree to all mfl teams have a safe and fun filled start to the season

Sol Allen
Miami County Vikings