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Whatever happened to Jay Bailey???

Used to coach the Fort Wayne Flyers. I thought he was a very good coach, and I'm suprised that I haven't heard his name or seen that he is coaching with someone. Anybody got the inside scoop on where Jay is now?

Re: Whatever happened to Jay Bailey???

Good offensive mind... most def but as far as team management goes, that's a whole different subject that'll take all year to explain. Between the lies, "cheap a$$ not wanting to pay to play" players, and the "politicing" of SOME players that would be somewhat valuable to the Cards now are the reasons he's not involed in Fort Wayne football and most likely never will be involved in football in the Fort again, which is sad because it's like I said earlier, as far as offensive football goes he's hella decent. But as far as running an organization with an honest approach and communication with his players.... he's garbage.

Re: Whatever happened to Jay Bailey???

Is there a way to contact him???