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1st of Weekly Predictions

I am going to try my hat at this....focus will be on the IFL games, but also will give a shot at the MFL

Mustangs vs. Warriors(IFL game of the Week)
Warriors come into the IFL with much hype....unfortunately for them they run into a very hungry Mustangs team that is among the class of the IFL. The Mustangs are out to prove that last season's collapse against the Broncos in the Championship was a fluke. The Mustangs will make the long trip to Yellow Springs but will return home with smiles on their faces as they put a significant early road block in the way of the Warrior championship hopes! Mustangs passing game is in mid-season form.

Blazers @ Crush
Another newcomer to the IFL with big hopes for the 2008 season gets brought back to reality in week 1. Blazers make the 3+ hour trip to Classic City very confident with the addition of several professional Indoor players.....however, their addition is simply not enough to overcome the size and power of the Crush....Blazer passing game will put up some points, but not enough to carry struggling defense.

Derby City Thunder @ Cutters
This one could get ugly really quickly....only hope that Thunder have is they are more game ready than the Cutters, as they are already in the middle of their league season. Cutters have success on both ground and in the air...traveling light does not help the Thunder's chances for a upset of one of the most hyped teams in recent semi-pro history.

Chi-town Blaze @ Generals
Know nothing about the Blaze, but will go out on a limb and say that Generals will be too much for a team from a Chicago area that is over-saturated with teams. The only teams from Chicago area that would be a threat to a much improved Generals team would be the Chicago Thunder and the Kane County Eagles.

Cards @ Blitz(MFL game of the Week)
Tough matchup between two equally matched teams. With no real edge to either team in talent, the edge goes to the home team. The Cards got a tough draw in the season opener and have a legit chance to get back on track, but the nod has to go the the established home team here.

Vikings @ Patriots
No need to elaborate here....simply put a masacre in Adams County! Toledo will use this as his big coming out of retirement party!

Bearcats @ Riot
Tough to call, but all information floating around is that this Bearcats team is for real! They travel to scrappy, talented Riot team who are still trying to come into their own as the break away from their Warriors history. Their are good things to come this week for the Riot, but just not against a team that may be a legitimate challenge for the Patriot's supremacy.

Wildcats @ Pirates(#2 game of the week)
This will be a good game and a real test for the the end of the day the Wildcats experience and running game will be just a bit too much for the Pirates.

Wolverines @ Stampede
Not alot known about these 2 teams, but after a poor showing against the Pirates last week by the Stampede, I will go with the Wolverines.

I am not trying to step on Supa's toes, just giving it a shot myself and having some fun...hope I did not offend anyone!

Re: 1st of Weekly Predictions

Nicely put there ROOK ...Flip-flop your warriors vs. mustangs and couldn't agree anymore

Re: 1st of Weekly Predictions

That is pretty body really knows how good the new teams will do in the IFL but i think it is fair to say they will compete at the top of the league. Good picks.

Re: 1st of Weekly Predictions

No offense taken. Your analysis is sound and your voice is a welcome addition to what we do here. I personally look forward to reading those picks going forward.

Re: 1st of Weekly Predictions

Last week was a growing pain for us, but we got it down now. Dont be surprised when we win this game.

Re: 1st of Weekly Predictions

Do not take offense guys being a first year team, all I have to go by is your first game last week. I wish you guys all the luck in the world, it is difficult to maintain a team that has been around for years, much less start one from I understand the growing pains! The MFL will only benefit if you guys develop into a strong I am pulling for you.

While I am back on here, I might as well predict the big showdown in the USFA-Lima Warriors traveling to the Grand Rapids Thunder.
The Warriors have never beaten the Thunder in 4 tries while both were members of the MLFA....however these are not the same organizations! Lima was on the rise at that time attempting to knock the Thunder off the top of the mountain. Over the past 2 years Lima has continued to grow and become a Midwestern powerhouse, while the Thunder have been forced to hang on and attempt to recover from the split/formation of the Western Michigan Force. While the Force have fallen to pieces over coaching/ownership squables, the Thunder have benefitted from regaining some previously lost players. However, the top players are making the drive down to Detroit to play for the mighty Seminoles and they have lost a few mainstays to other teams or Arena more Dan Richards at QB or Dyamond Dixon at TB, but the shelf is not empty for the Thunder. They appear to rely on a strong and fast defense to win games as opposed to past years where they simply got into shootouts and outscored opponents. The key to a Lima victory is for their veteran players not to get too overly hyped by the rivalry and their desire to win and wear themselves out prior to kickoff. Lima is the more disciplined, well-rounded team and although this is a long road trip for the Warriors, I expect them to travel well(with the exception of the normal few who cannot make it in semi-pro on the road, that we all deal with). They will face a hostile crowd and a motivated opponent....winner takes home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but with this win the Warriors can lessen some of the sting of the loss to the Wolverines and get them back on track for the USFA Championship.
Lima Warriors-21-Grand Rapids Thunder-10

Thanks Supa for the positive reaction.

Re: 1st of Weekly Predictions

Haven't been on here much lately but I think you are hitting the games pretty good but I would go out on a limb abd change a couple of them. I would go with the Warriors in their match-up and I'd say the score will be 27-21 in favor of the Warriors, the others games I'd pick different is the Blazers and Cruch the blazers will win this one by a field goal late in the game. lets say 31-28 will be closer than you think. The other game I think you are wrong on is the Cutters and Thunder, I have watched a few Cutter practices and quite frankly they are not ready for the season to open I think their defense is in need of a couple games with the scheme they are running and the offense is just hitting on about 4 cyclinders right now, give them three games to get everything in order and they will be tough and hard to stop, the thunder have played a few games and they are hungry for a big "W" and they will get it and suprise the folks in Bloomington on Saturday night.28-20 is the call here on that game.
In the MFL swap the Cards and Blitz and leave the score the same but the Cards prevail in this one.
The pirates and Wild cats is another game I disagree with and for a good reason I've seen a couple of wildcat practices lately and they need an air game the pirates will shut down the run up the middle and will use their defense against the run to prevail in this one 27-22 other than that you are going in the right direction. Good luck to all teams this saturday may you be injury free and rain free.

Re: 1st of Weekly Predictions

I guess he was way off in our game against the wolverines worries..stampede came together as one and we did our thing...42-0 if ya didnt know...

Da Rican

Re: 1st of Weekly Predictions

Sorry to disappoint the man that calls himself THE TRUTH, but we were not about to lose our first would have better served us to have played in 2 or 3 games before we played them, but all in all it worked out. We still have many things to work on and trust we will be working hard on those things and we will be ready to play the Mustangs on Sat......