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MC Pirates vs. Stampede

I was at the game Saturday and I just want to say thanks to both teams for providing a kid friendly environmet."God knows how hard that is to find"It wasn't the prettiest game but you guys played that's all that mattered.So don't get discouraged and let the negative outweigh the positive.Keep up the good work and know that someone appreciates what you guys give us to enjoy.Good luck Coach Hooten and Coach K.C. with the development with your teams.THANKS!

Re: MC Pirates vs. Stampede

Hey thanks for the lookout we did have some problems during the game but atleast they were not severly out of hand, although some things were uncalled for such as cheap shots which will happen but some not as blatent as what they were. The stampede have a game this saturday at the same time if interested them come out again and we will deff have a better showing.