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I just want to thanks to everyone that I have played for ( The Lafayette Lions from 2001 to 2006, South Central Broncos 2007, Team USA 2005 and the Adams County Patriots 2007 AA National Championship)and the players that I have played against. I want to say thanks to Coach Bob of the Lake County Steelers for letting me play with them this year. With Gas Prices the way thay are. I cant aford it. I have just started a famley and I want and need to spend some time with them. I am going to want to play every weekend. I dont know if I will ever get that out of me. I will miss football and never forget the times I had playing. To all the teams and players in all the leagues GOOD LUCK AND BE SAFE!!!!

Re: Retiring

sorry to hear that dennis you where very good at what you did...

Re: Retiring has always been fun either playing against you or with you in the FASCO games....
Family First bro...I know what that can cause when you put football first...
Fortunately it worked out for me, because I found another woman who loves football

Seriously though....tough decision...I know I made it every year for the past 4 seasons

Wish you luck bro...if you are interested send me an email, because Coach K from Minnesota is putting an Mainland All-Star Team together to play in Hawaii in February....Always can use a 5ft nothing 125lb nothing Long Snapper