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GMFL Rankings - Please Submit Scores

Greetings everyone;

Over the past 7 weeks I have been doing rankings for various leagues to establish a "true" 1AA #1 as well as possibly put together a tournament where the top teams actually play one another for a true 1AA championship.

What I need from everyone is for everyone (that is interested) to post scores by no later then Monday Evening so that I may update the rankings in a timely manner. I generally post new rankings every tuesday afternoon.

Along with the Rankings I also post the following info:

. Overall League Standings.
. Won-Loss Records.
. If a team would be "Bowl Eligible".
. Conference Won-Loss Records.
. Conference Opponents Won-Loss Records.
. Your Avg. Margin of Victory.
. Your Non-Conference Opponents Won-Loss Records.
. Points For - Points Against.
. Strength of Schedule.
. Strength of Schedule Opponents Won-Loss Records
. Strength of Schedule Opponents-Opponents Won Loss Record.
. Future Conference Opponents Won-Loss Records.
. Future Opponents Won-Loss Records.

What does it cost to be ranked? 1 1/2 minute of your time each week to submit your scores.

Again I do things in a timely manner so if you are interested the only thing I ask is that you please do this by no later then 7p Sunday so that I may update the website and get the Ranking up on time every tueday.

As always if you have questions, you can submit them to me via e-mail or call me directly if you don't find the answers that you seek.

Anthony McCormick
Great Midwest Football League

Link to the rankings:
Link to post scores:

Re: GMFL Rankings - Please Submit Scores

I saw those "rankings" and there are teams that folded years ago. I don't think this is a good idea. Teams with no wins or teams that don't exist? what's the use?

Re: GMFL Rankings - Please Submit Scores


Well then I guess all of the scores that have been posted from the participating leagues are false too huh?

Like I said before, if you want your team/league to participate then all you need to do is submit your scores...

Good luck in 08'