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Official o-line day :)

The o-line is one of the most unselfish units in football. They get no praise, yet they fight in the trenches. They must work as one unit. The line is only as good as the weakest person on it. They don't care about stats. All they care about is that they protect their qb, and that the team's running game shines. So here is the chance for teams to recognize particular o-lines or members of their o-line that stand out and throw them some props for all their hard work. If it wasn't for them hogs, no team in semi-pro would survive. So show your o-line some love and let them know how much you appreciate them. Especially the QB's and RB's, you owe these guys everything.

Re: Official o-line day :)

I second that motion

Re: Official o-line day :)

man, i give props to the fellas who played this weekend in evansville... lt,c,rg,rt.....none of them boys ever played line and they did what they could...props to RED who snapped for us..attaboy...STAMPEDE...."stay up playas"

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