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Hey fellas no disrespect intended, you've got all the talent in the world, but how in the hell could anyone use a 80 man roster?Yea, its awful nice to have the bodies for scrimmaging and subs.But my question is how to utilize that many bodies,keeping boys content, winning games.Fresh bodies are nice, but you gotta get plays in to get the flow.I just couldn't imagine having ssssssssoooooooo many talented guys in a rhythm to effectively contribute.From experience why not take your top 45 to bust heads and get a practice squad, obviously they don't care too much a P/T.Thats just my 2 cents,I just don't see how all the subs are effective in anyway with some studs you have.If it were my squad 3-5, drekey, jc, cameron mids all day.Your horse and pony show just CRAZY!


Well, we as a team believe that there is strength in numbers, we also believe that there is no place on this team for premadonna's, meaning if you can not deal with rotation for the greater good of the team then you need not be on the team. I will admit sometimes it does get a bit tough because you want to be able to get in a groove and just stay there, but in the end we are seeing the big picture. Lets be real about this, we have 85 guys on our team and out of those guys you might have 20 that could go the whole game with little or no breaks. With numbers it allows us to stave off injuries that come from tired players and it also breeds competition. Dont get me wrong we do have our core players that see the field more than others, but those 40 core guys need help. Now when we travel we have a 50man bus, we end up with about 60 or so guys at the game because they decide to drive themselves. Hell you know how i am though, I played both sides of the ball in highshool, college, and in the AFL, so if it were up to me I would never come off the field, but when it comes to winning and staying healthy we are willing to do whats right for the team....We have so many ppl that seem to be upset with us because of the things that are afforded us, but outsiders dont know how hard we, the players, work and have had to work to get these things....we do much much charity work, fundraising, hell even alot of soliciting, lol.....the buses we ride on are paid for by us and our board members so trust me there is nothing that is just being handed to us