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Mid West Rankings

I have seen alot of National Rankings...
but I have to take my hate off to
Mr. McCormick of the GMFL

he has attempted to put the Majority of the AA Midwest teams together to come up with a MidWest Ranking...
if you havent seen it yet....take a look.

Now...before people start talking crazy...he also explains his theory....

Check it out...most of the teams if not all of the teams that come to this site are listed.

Re: Mid West Rankings

I don't see the Miami Blitz, maybe I'm just blind, but I can't find them.

Re: Mid West Rankings

I assume that not every team reports scores to them since many of the teams have the wrong win/loss record listed which would change how the teams are ranked. Any way to eliminate those and just keep the teams that are right?

Re: Mid West Rankings

I have contacted their webmaster and will be reporting the final MFL scores each week. He has received the league schedule, active teams, and all the scores from the game played to date.

Re: Mid West Rankings

just like Jesse said....I'm sure not all the teams report to him...
Of course...just like the rest of us, he is doing this because he loves the game.
That being said, its hard to do something of this magnitude because alot of teams only care about playing and not the behind the scenes stuff

I maintain the MSFL league website and the majority of the information is stuff I gather from searching the internet..I cant get owners to submitt scores let alone game summaries

Good stuff Mc_pirates....the only way to get recognized is providing the information.
I had to explain to Mr. McCormick the status of the Laf. Lions so that the rankings could be corrected as well...

I'm sure that some teams will feel that they are being done wrong, but hey...its a start...AA dont get enought respect in the MidWest as it is...