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this is not a messae to disrespect anyone on yall team this is a real question for info and things for myself. I just read your website and roster and u have a couple of guys who played NFL AND CFL. im just wondering why they playing semi pro now first off. secondly if u didn't go outta college ho did u get in or a try out. I am tryin next year or the year after to get into the cfl and I never had anyone to talk to who coul help me out wit it about givin me information. really why they not still playin isn't my business but I would really like to talk ass email or w.e to leanr about trying out for atleast cfl. if they will take w.e time they hv ot of they schedule and email me or w.e It would be greatly appreciated. my email is ( and they name is cam. and I play for the crsh #10 if they wannna wait till sometime after the game this or next week it would be understood lol.

and good luck