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Last Minute Predictions

While many of you are on your way to today's game I will weigh in on some last minute predictions.

Blazers@Generals(IFL Game of the Week)
This is a game of numbers and many questions will be answered. Which Blazer team will show up in Indy today? The team that traveled to Waterloo, or the impressive squad that knocked off the Warriors at home. The Blazers are talented no doubt, but will their arena players that are used to traveling in charter buses make the trip to Indy at their own expense? This will be a telling game for the rest of the season, as everyone knows they will be close to invincible at home-but are their chinks in the armour on the road? I believe they will travel well today with 1st place on the line and taking on an undefeated Generals team. Generals defense will be very tough on the run so Blazers will rely on very impressive passing game to put up decent numbers.


Another game that will be decided by travel #'s. This is where the Shamrocks youth will play off. Most of these guys have not been playing semi-pro long enough to realize that in this tough world of football, away games are optional. SHamrocks will travel to Cougars at almost full strength and make up for embarrassing loss last week at home. However, this will be a defensive struggle.


Early take was the Crush got a favorable schedule with first 3 games of the season at home. However after further analysis it appears the IFL did them no favors by scheduling 3 of top 4 teams in the league in these games. The road has been tough in week 1 and 2 for the Crush and will get no easier this week against a Mustangs team that have proven they are right in the thick of the title hunt. Good news for the Crush is they are the best of the middle of the pack IFL teams and victories will come later in the season after they make through this tough stretch. Just as last week, Crush offense will have a very tough time getting going against a stellar defense.


Not gonna spend a lot of time on this one other than the Wranglers pull a tough card on the road 2 weeks in a row.


Bearcats@Pirates(MFL Game of the Week)
This is going to be one defensive battle. Both teams will attempt to establish the run game and will have difficulty doing so against tough defenses. The difference in this game will be who has the better passing game and this is why I am going out on a limb and picking the Pirates in what some will consider an upset.


The most challenging thing here for the Cardinals will be the drive to Piqua. The Vikings are short on numbers and it will show against an athletic Cardinals team.


Blitz will get rolling this week against a struggling Riot team. Don't know what is going on in Randolph County but if they don't get things going soon it is going to be a long season.


Patriots are getting better each week while the Wolverines fail to live up to expectations. Ground game and defense will be the name of the game today for the Patriots and will spell success.


Don't know what is going on with the Wildcats this season as they appeared to get over the hump last year and were able to compete with anyone in the MFL. That is not the case this year, nor will it be today as much revered Stampede D comes to town. Streak of unscored quarters will reach 18 today.


Although the Storm would like to see this as a cross-town rivalry, there has to be competition for it truly to be a rivalry. Kinda like UK vs. Tennessee in football-UK sees it as a rivalry, Tennessee sees it as a guaranteed win for the last 24 years straight. There will be no doubt in this one following the opening kick off. Lets just hope for the Storm, they make it through this one without the halftime fiasco they had in the last outing versus the Jets in which 2 players quit!


Warriors final tune-up before the playoffs and it will be just that a glorified practice in which all players will see time and the starters will get some rest in the 4th quarter. The Admirals have already been eliminated from the playoff picture and are playing for pride....that won't be enough against a Warriors team hungry to repeat as USFA Champs and prove the game against the Wolverines was a fluke.


Re: Last Minute Predictions

The Cougars played a well played game & were victoriuos over the Shamrock 34 - 12. Good game Cougars...

Mitchell Frantz
Shamrock #3