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The Perfect Offense For Raber's Blitz Squad.

Just the way I know he likes it: Wide Open, Baby

Colored Logos? We don't need no stinking colored logos! Website? We don't need no stinking Website!

Seriously, man- this offense is hilarious, but if well instituted and with the right quarterback(s), it would dominate.

Just to be clear- I am a defensive-minded, three yards and a cloud of dust kinda guy, just like Raber. All the more reason I thought you would all enjoy this.

Re: The Perfect Offense For Raber's Blitz Squad.

Warning, tirade and ramble follows. Not for the faint of heart or unindoctrinated.

Few Federale rules and amendments concern the A-11.

First, this offense can be contrary to the Navy 4X4 split rule. Offensive lineman may be split no more than four feet or one and one third yards from one another.

Second, for determining ends versus flankers and wings versus slots, how do you designate earholes making beltloops of the center. This is the extent to which tackles may flex the O-line wingedness.

As an addendum, this point of reference, elongating in three point stance versus being upright in two has several implications.

Just as in baseball wherein switch pitchers face switch hitters, who has the initiative to designate? Were a player to put their hand on the ground, this player being a tackle versus end may force the offside call should they raise their hand from the ground. Now you have the reference point wherein wide receivers covering tackles is exacerbated should the tackle be playing in a two with any winged-shape to the interior five whatsoever. They would have to play a flat front, as in two an upright player must be very narrow to the line of scrimmage to make the center's belt loops and might possibly be deemed offside per the ends alignment as well now.

Finally, the requirement that the formation be a kicking formation places the person receiving the snap more than four yards back, at least more than pistol. Remember in Federation rule a receiver may be ridden until the ball is in the air. Now, a receiver may be ridden while the ball is in the air, because at first blush the situation must be a kicking situation.

What's a kicking situation. Well, as we've all seen Mean Machine or Longest Yard or whatever Burt Reynolds softporn you fellers watch, a drop kick is worth how many points? The longest recorded aerial punt attempt clearing the upright without bound is 60 yards, probably toed by Chuck Bednarik.

Anywhoo, a team might attempt this on earlier downs were there a feasible time or time based strategy constraint, but this should be considered by the officials in addition to distance.

Oh yes, btw, this offense works and can get many many people decleated. If you feel like it, google up some Navy Sprint football. This is like the weight class football y'all was playing when I thought I was Pele. Except, these are grown men with 150-170 weight limits for box proximity, running Wing T at speed as punt return on offense. More than just the academies run this offense, believe ND, Harvard and 'Cuse have Sprint teams.

The Wing T is three offenses, the Single Wing, short punt A formation (sound familiar?) and Walter Camp T. Walter Camp T just gives you the ball wizardry when the quarterback turns his back to the defense to either handoff, fake and then handoff, fake and pass, or fake and fake and fake.... and lateral and lateral and lateral and pass.

Wow, somebody go watch Bulldog Turner at the Rosemont now, or was it Bronko Nagurski.... Yea thats right, theyre still claiming Bronko wasn't the requisite five yards back when he passed for the championship winner.

Remember, you can cut inside the box on initial surge per Federation rule. An outside aligned end may not be cut, granted the Tackle has been designated. The 150s in Sprint ball are these ends btw.

Back to seven diamond and seven box on defense. Ring a bell? Those are the first of cover three and cover four shell recognitions. Only as end play has become integrated between the tackles has umbrella faded and found corners funneling in on two and out on three. At least the MLB's can be glorified noseguards now. That's how Bill George and Sam Huff started

Re: The Perfect Offense For Raber's Blitz Squad.





Anyone else got any feedback on this formation?

Re: The Perfect Offense For Raber's Blitz Squad.

creative...but actually has been around for a while...
Mostly in HS...