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SHORT NOTICE but ( anyone looking for a game 8-16-08 )

Due to a scheduling conflict at the Blazers home field the away game for the Cutters this Saturday is not going to happen.
The Cutters had secured a field in hopes that the Blazers would come over here for the game but that isn't going to happen so we have a field for Saturday night at 8pm and we are looking to pick up a game for that night.
If you have a bye week and are interested please contact me or one of the other Cutter coaches. Our contact info can be found on our web site at or you may e-mail me direct at

Re: SHORT NOTICE but ( anyone looking for a game 8-16-08 )


Re: SHORT NOTICE but ( anyone looking for a game 8-16-08 )

Hello Cutters team!

I don't know why or where you are getting you information but that we don't have a field to play this game but i have another information. I want everybody to know the truth so here it is:
Today in the morning our defence coach Josh was up early and driving around looking for the stadium for us to play with you this saturday night at 5 or 7 pm (the time that was official) and after looking all day he found a field but we had to pay a good amount of money for that field and me and some other players was gathering personal funds (me personally was going to contribute up to 200$ if needed to make this game happen) so i finally believed that we going to have this game and we could prove it on the field who is the better team. After 2 hours I got a message from defence coach that league asked if you (cutters) want to play the game or want to cancel it and get a PAPER WIN, and that you said no to the game this saturday. So as i said I don't know maybe you got some wrong information BUT WE DO HAVE A FIELD TO PLAY this saturday 5pm or 7pm or Sunday any time. So please it is not too late now to change your mind and come here. We are honest team and we ask you PLEASE to reconsider your desicion about not coming to us and i will be ok if you earn this win but not getting it this not honest way. I see the league is not liking us pretty obvious but i believe in your fair sportsmanship and the only way for you to get respect is to earn it by fair win and not take this paper win the league is offering you. We are all here for the love of football so lets go and make this game happen for our fans and for our respective players. LETS PLAY Cutters we have the field for that. Thank you for reading my post. And if you change your mind please call our owner and QB Dustin Howard and make arrangements. We are waiting for you! Don't take this game away from us!


Taras Volchukov
LB/DT #55 Blazers

Re: SHORT NOTICE but ( anyone looking for a game 8-16-08 )

when and where 55 post info on location and time

Re: SHORT NOTICE but ( anyone looking for a game 8-16-08 )

blazers, if you want my opinion you should keep your players from discussing league business on a message board. the ifl has a very good structure setup for communication and resolution of these type of issues!