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Team Shamrock

Good Game on Saturday you guys are on your way. Glad to see you guys where ready to prove to Dinger, Marshall, Watford, Akins, Dano, Jenkins and of course Frazier 72 you guys could play. We where glad you where on point!
Keep up the good work and Travel well you wll get your win soon.

Frazier 72
Hit the Gym Sucka

Re: Team Shamrock

Hell yeah fellas keep up the good work and you will be on your way. And to all the rest of the teams in the Ifl don't underestimate The Rock. See you guys on Saturday.Dueces!!

Re: Team Shamrock

Thanks Frazier and Jenkins. We started out pretty rough but i believe we turned a major corner saturday.
Win or lose if we play together like we did saturday
i will be proud to be a part of Team Shamrock.

Bob Carter #51 and yes that is my age.

Pulled a hammy saturday