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Mustang/Shamrock Game

I just wanted to say great game to the Shamrock. It was a hot as hell game, and both teams stuck it through, kept fighting till the end. I also just want to say that a few players from the Shamrocks might want to look at #11. I play left tackle and im 310 pounds. #11 came in at D-End and he couldnt have been more than 5'9 and 175. He put in more fight than anybody else i went against in that team. So, some of u need to take less time whining and complaining, and take a page from #11's book. Heart wins games. Mad props to u #11. Hope to see ya across the line next year.

It was also nice seeing all my old teammates from the longhorns. Hope to see u guys soon. DOnt like this waiting a year to see u guys ...

Good luck to everyone next week.

Re: Mustang/Shamrock Game

your right # 11 does whatever he is asked and give you all he has got. Thanks for mentioning him I will be sure and let him know you gave him props. I agree also about the whining and complaining. I started this season coming to watch my son Practice. Thay asked me to help Coach I said I would. Next thing you know i found out I still have a little something in this 51 year old body. I wish everyone would just play the game to the best of their ability and when someone messes up encourage them not talk about how much better they are.