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sorry stampede.....

To my entire squad....i wish we had a forum on our website so i apologize for doing this on here because its truely no ones buis but our own. so the team all knows man i truely whole heartedly apologize for missing the wolverines game all know you can count on me to be there(up until yes. huh..). My wife had an emergency with work that left me stranded. i tried to get a hold of coach on the celly but "network was busy". sorry coach. i love the sport too much to just leave my line let alone stampede stranded..again sorry fellas and congrats on the win..2 weeks bearcats...lets tighten up boys.

Re: sorry stampede.....

Its all good sorrano we will see u in 2 weeks when we will need u cause as u know we are playin a good Bearcats team and im sure they will be ready.My bad see u at practice I'll make lol

Re: sorry stampede.....

Dan call me at 310-5348 this is my work pager. put in a number we I can call you back and put your uniform no. with it so I can get right back with you quickly.
I hope everythings is ok at home. Family First always.