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Lasting Tradition

I just want to talk about playing for teams that have some sort of tradition or pride to keep going. One of the reasons I did not want to play ball any more was because I did not feel there is any teams that want to pull together and keep some sort of trandition going. I started playing for the Shamrocks because I talked to one of the owners last year about if this would be a team that would be around for a long time. He said that was his hope. I know the Shamrocks have hellified players. And i know everyone talks about being a team. But why don't we think about where we are going to be at the end of the season. Are people here to play or to win. I have played for winning teams I have played for losing teams. But i was always taught tradition and pride. Respect those who came before you. I think we all need to take note. Every coach you have played for and every team mate you have ever had. Do you think this is what they want from you. Can you look down in your self and decide this is the time to win and not that time lose. You can go to war with the best but there will always be one person you need to follow. I don't want to see my friends team go down the drain because they are not allowed to run their own team. I will follow them I hope the rest of you will do the same.

I know the Shamrocks will hate me for saying this and that is okay they are not the first people to dislike me and i am sure they wont be the last. I just don't want to see a great team lose. Just remember there is a fine line between Pride and Ego. I almost left the team myself this weekend. I have always been the one to stick with something in the worst of times and no matter how mad i was I will not give up on you guys. I will go to war with you anytime please do the same for Mitch and Rob.

Thank you make sure to tip your waitresses have a good night.