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I was wondering if each team could have a representative from their team come on to Supafan and give an account of what happened in their game each week. Someone who would simply report the game as non biased as possible, but accurtately. ( Great catch by Hobson set up the game winning 32 yd field goal, etc)

The designated writer could get together each Sunday with the writer from the opposing team to collaborate the game.

Obviously, this would have to be a mature individual who could report more than just the good points of his team, not like 2 paragraghs of details on a safety his team got in a 48-2 loss.
If this is done correctly, the games could have decent account of what went on and each team would have a chance at telling an account of a game, so even if a team keeps only thier stats, they can tell a better tale of a game.

This is my few cents for what it's worth, but if it was done, it would make a decent read for I would love to know about how the Blazers - Cougars game went besides just the score.

Some of these guys posting Ive never heard of, adn would like to know more.