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Some Kind of League

Great Mccormick Forfeit League


I hate to say it… but I told you so. The GMFL is a shambles countdown with me (19 forfiets)

Saints- never got out the gate

Tigers- ditto

NEA Jags- Broke down truck= forfeit games?

Punishers- folded came back folded now who knows

Vipers- Quit/kicked out you pick 1st and last year for them

Spirit- no real playing field

Cougars- No field no coach no $$$ way they will be back next year.

Wolf pack- who cares

IV Devils- ditto

WC Bucs- ditto

Spartans- The ship jumpers bailed on this team to. Started off all hype beating up weak teams like the wolfpack . This team fell apart so fast because they were full of traitors and backstabbers and they got what they had coming. If the coach is not loyal the players won’t be.

Stallions- The only right thing the GMFL did all year was to boot these guys. Bannish them to play in some wanna be NAFL pretend league. With all that travel they wont make through the year. The roster-gate issue showed that this team will do whatever to win. 2 leagues- bounced checks- fake rosters good riddance No MSFL team should ever play them again.

Cardinals- They got more thugs on the team then the cincinatti Bengals. LOL Not the same from last year. When they stop winning its over for them.

Firehawks- Or should I say the SpartanHawks how do you let a team merge after roster locks didn’t you kick a team for rosters? Firehawks Cardinal in the GMFL Thug Bowl LMAO

Dawgs Titans Eagles Cyclones- good teams in a bad situation. They would make a good addition to the MSFL next year.

McCormick- When did a forfeit become a 35 pt blowout and those fake rankings. He got the Indiana Nightmare ranked and they don’t really have a team. The hasn’t played a game. explain that One guy One voice one ego- one hell of a mess this guy makes Marc May look like Roger Goddell somebody put a fork in him.

Re: Some Kind of League

We'll be alright. Not everbody can see eye to eye on all issues. Besides the MSFL would be too much travel. We all know those Chicago teams don't want to drive south unless it is to Florida(Yes, that was a shot at Gambrel).

Troy Robertson
NEMO Cyclones

Re: Some Kind of League

Man come on Troy.....
Everybody knows Fat White Guys love traveling to Florida in the Winter.....

And if everything goes well on both of our ends and we are lucky enough to get an Invite....

Beers are on U