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If I did not allow....

If I had not allowed the Twin City Dawgs play the Leyden Lions this weekend Who the HELL are you? That is EXACTLY what Im talking about you think you are in control of everything. ” If I had not allowed the Twin City Dawgs play the Leyden Lions this weekend” You still don’t get it do you? Its about football not about you or your power. You banned your teams from playing our teams but now sense your league is falling apart because you allowed any body in you NEED to play us. When the Dawgs and Eagles leave you next year we will ban you and leave you with the Cardinals Spirit Spartans and whoever else will play with you.

You want to respond to me go ahead and then tell us how you have teams ranked that have folded or have never even played a game your league and your rankings are bogus. If I am not right then explain the Indiana Nightmare they were ranked number 27 before my post now they are gone. WOW you are hilarious. Well what about the Noble county longhorns another fake team you forgot to delete them.

BTW “MSFL FAG” save your slurs for someone else buddy.

Re: If I did not allow....

You have waaaaay to much time on your hands. How about you try to make sure that your playoff schedule is in order? You changed teams and rules a dozen times and had a dozen more forfits. While you are here pecking away for hours your teams are planning on a new league for next year.

The best web site and the worst commicsh.... O wait your the owner and president yeah right. One league one voice one one egomaniac. I now you wish you could kick me off of this board like you do everybody on YOUR board or force me to apologize to some old broad or else kick me out of your league. Who in the HELL put this guy in charge? O I forgot he OWNS the league. How many time a day does he tell you guys that.

The Lions killed your best team MSFL 1 GMFL 0 and your thug champs are scared of the Thunder

I dont pay to watch lopsided games but I would bring my wife and kids to see a MSFL GMFL all star game then we would see who is the best talent. BTW if I am a fag what are you in a hot pink suit LOL!