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Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

If you play on a team in the MFL and could nominate 4 players from another organdization (team) that you have already played that may stand out, who would they be? Just 4 now. In your own views.. Lets build this up good. STAY POSITIVE

Re: Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

#40 EC Wolverines good blocking back Not sure his # little man on Wildcats dudes got some heart. #44 on the Pirates hell of a ball player I'm not sure what # but the guy that was playin right guard 4 the Pirates we had a good battle goin all night in our last meeting. Thats my 4 I'm on D-Line if their not a Qb,back or O-Line in the big mix in the middle we dont meet that 2 all

Re: Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

My 4 people are:

{#53} from the (pirates) (goldburg is his name i think) dude can hit and is fast, if we had to sign another (LB) i'd pick him up.

{#31}(lil man on the (wildcats), like O'Dell said he's got some heart he was playin "LB and RB" sometimes i wouldn't even see him go past me and he'd get to our FB.

{#95} "DE" on (pirates) not sure of his name, he's the only one that really put up a fight against me this season other than Our own (#94 Tacklebox) on the stampede but I COULDN'T vote for him.

{#21} I think thats his # playing DE on (wolverines) he's fast i never let him past me although a few times he did damn near get to the QB...

These are just my people for now i didn't get the chance to play against the Bearcats It may change after this weekends game!!

Stampede #74 Left Tackle

Re: Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

i would have to say
45 form the Bearects...hard nosed runner
28 (i think thats his number) Tommie Isom...quick very flashy runner he will shake you
3 form the cardnals very fast reciver and excellent route running
11 from the cardinals... has a very nice ball nice touch when he throws
our team plays in the north so i havent played many of the south teams so no disrespect...
i play rb wr and db so i dont the to see many of the big boys bang heads so no disrespect to you guys either

Solomon Allen
Miami County Viking
RB,WR,SS Captian

Re: Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

29 from stampede
qb from stampede
40 from wildcats
80 from wildcats

Re: Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

I know that the post only said 4 but these are the best guys that I have saw this season so far, sorry to some teams that i have not been able to watch so far.

I would have to say on offense:
QB:Stampede, the only team that throws.
RB:#24 Bearcats, #6 Wildcats, #33 Stampede
TE:#40 wildcats, #13 Riot
WR#87 Stampede
All Purpose: #28 Wolverines

And Defense
Line:#63 Stampede
LB:#53 Pirates, #52 Stampede
CB: #21 Pirates,#7 Bearcats, #32&31 Stampede
S: #13 Stampede

Re: Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

Good grief!

Prodictions??? Could you not even read the name of this board and copy the name?

Here is some help 'SUPAFAN'S Midwest Semi-pro PREDICTION Central'.

There must be nothing but MO-rons on this site anymore.

Can you hear me now?

Re: Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

hey dont forget the oline guys there is no team with out them

Re: Official Team Prodictions (MFL ONLY)

The fullback, from the bearcats.the qb from the stampede. The middle linebacker from the bearcats and the recievers from the stampede and also the running game from both teams. with this threads on the field who knows what the game will end up like.