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V's Pix

Well, I'm NO Supa..but I can give this a shot..Now..I really don't know the MFL as well, and the ONLY other teams I know are in the IFL, but I made a few calls and used what I have so here goes..

Elkhart Shamrock @ West Ohio Wranglers

It's no shock the Rock are dissappointed with the Zero in the win column thus far, as this group came in looking to be the "team" this year. But some infolding and family quarrels have brought the rock crumbling to pebble prortions this season, and it's making the road a loooong one for Mitch's crew.

The Wranglers seem to be a prety good team when they have all thier forces there, and they usually have them at home. They already enjoy more wins at this time of year than seasons past and actually, showed well against some of the power houses when they played them. Again, numbers hurt them. This may be the game they need to break out and get some serious consideration as at least more than a spoiler in the playoff picture.

Look for the Rock to also try to break in the W column for the 1st time, but what you'll see is a Wrangler team hungry for a large win.

Wranglers 28
Rock 13

KC Mustangs @ Indiana Generals

Here is one of TWO battles of the IFL Titans this week. The 'Stangs' are on a serious mission and it doesn't look like they are taking prisoners. When they have won, they win big and the defense is much improved over last season. Some familiar faces, but the faces are now determined and STILL have stomachs growling, hungry for what they thought was thiers last year.

The Generals are also there, and they are also hungry, but they are thinking about the game that knocked them out of contention by this same Mustangs team last season, leaving them one game short of the 'ship.

The Mustangs are healthy, The Generals are not. But Don't count out Troys boys yet! ( yes, I know he's the owner now)

The thing is here folks..the Stangs like to throw, and the forecast calls for rain, slop and glop. I like the Generals D, but the Mustang O will have juuuuust enough to pull this one out.

Stangs 13
Generals 10

Classic City Crush @ Mercer County Cougars .

One of these squads is gonna pose a real pain in the tuckas to another early round playoff team this year. On one hand, we have the new look Crush, who after releasing thier coach had found a spark in nearly upsetting the Generals, but then were let down by extreme low player numbers when they went on the road last week and took a whoopin.

The Cougars have not been as the teams of the past, although they are still an extremely dangerous team at home, putting a great showing against the unbeaten Blazers ( yes, I mean unbeaten, not undefeated...)

But as for the Crush, the spark of the near upset 2 weeks ago won't be enough to take on a powerful Cougars team. My prediction is Cougar jacks being done on the 50 at te end of the 4th QTR, but if the Crush bring numbers, it will be close. If not. it'll be ugly.ugly..ugly.

Cougars 28
Crush 9

Miami Valley Warriors @ Indiana Cutters

Well, Here we go. A 12 round bout that I will have my popcorn ready for ( as long as its covered to keep it dry) A battle that will start to really separate the men from the bigger men...

The Cutters, who will be ready to prove the move to the IFL was for them to take the crown, not to see it placed else where, are ready to standup and coounted. This is one of the best programs around, and now they truly have a team that mirrors that. They have a few wideouts that can truly fly, but they wil have to contend with Robert Redd to fly along with them in the Warrior secondary.

Lurking in the Cutter D, are linebackers that will be on a search-destroy mission all game, as will the Warrior D line. Both teams with seasoned vets, and new young blood.

But although a slight talent bar may go toward the Cutters, it's just TOO tough to ever go against Coach Agee, and I won't.

Warriors 16
Cutters 10

Stampede @ Riot

Wow, what can you say about the Stampede? Yes, it's said they talk..but to be honest...they prefer to do it on the field. Coming off a huge home win against the previously undefeated Bearcats, you MIGHT expect a let down..but I would'nt if I were you. This team is on a high now..with thier eye on a bigger prize.

The Riot are struggling with numbers and lower on talent and they look to be an easy win. But as the rule says, that's why they play the game. Look for the rain to be somewhat of an equalizer, but with the momentum the Stampede have'll take a monsoon to change the obvious outcome here.

Stampede 33
Riot 6

Miami Co. Blitz @ Adams County Patriots

If you cant see this game, just turn your ears toward Bellmont High and listen. You'll hear the smacking and pounding all the way in Fort Wayne in this contest to be sure.

And if you love'll need a cigarette after 4 quarters of these two bruise house - ice tub after the game - clubs go at it.

Wayne's boys are right on schedule to repeat as champs and it just doesnt seem like anyone has an answer. Undefeated and still having the same swarming lunch pail bringing defense as usual..and a ground game the demoralizes you as well as beats you...HOWEVER...enter the Blitz, who have so far avg giving up barely over 5 point a game this year. This D actually looks as if they LIKE 3rd down just so your QB drops back to pass. That's when they make bad stuff happen. I have a buddy going up to see this one..and I have already warned him not to get too close to the field for fear of shrapnell catching his chest.
But after the smoke just can't go against Wayne..he prepares too well, although the Blitz WILL be ready..just not ready for this....not this year.

Patriots 16
Blitz 6

Pirates @ Cardinals

These are two terribly talented teams who have already battled one close on before..The Cards coming out on top 14-11.
Actually, both teams are truly searching for a identity. The Cards have a ground game that was its life before Martin was injured. But have the tools to truly make the jump to the 'ship..once it's all in place.
The Pirates have looked like serious champs at times..and then other times..not as strong. They are a fast team, especially on D, and they use this to keep them in games..and winning.
But one of these squads is looking to BE the team to get to that next level. Andthis game is PIVOTAL to doingso, shouldeither squad want to turn up the heat on this season.
And at home..I like the Cards..but the will have to keep away from GIVE aways...Should they do so...they will get the win.

Cards 19
Pirates 12

Bearcats @ Wildcats

Ouch! That's al I cansay behind the stunning loss the BearCat's took at the Stampede "stable" last week. But rest assured..that game is over, but not forgotten. The BearCats will surely e ready and extremely zealous is showing the rest of the league that tey are INDEEDstill the team to be reckoned with this year. BUT HOLD ON !!! The Wildcats still have a few players who remember the Championship years of this team, and will also be MORE than ready to provide yet another nail in the side of the BearCats.
The Wildcats typically play well at home,but this is a much different Bearcat team that will not at all be willing to let anyone stick around in the 4th quarter again. No more Mr. Niceguy here...

Bearcats 20
Wildcats 3

Wolverines @ Vikings

You cant get much more heart than the Wolverines..and more fire than in the Vikings. And I will give them credit here...both team play until the lastt down..every game. ButI keep waiting for the Vikes to break out and REALLY do it. It just hasnt realy happened yet.
I think given a year or two....the Wolverines will be one of the better fact..I say in 2 years..they will be in the top 4. But for now...The Vikes will show they themselves will be there as well. It'll be close..but I see the Vikes with thier 1st one of the year.

Vikes 12
Wolverines 9

Well, thats it. I hope no one get ticked off if I didnt pick thier team..but you know how it goes..prove me wrong.
I also hope this tides ya'l over till the MAN, supa gets back. And now we all ca REALLY appreciate what Supa does for us day in - day out.

To All, stay safe, blessed and do your best.


Re: V's Pix

nice predictions, can't wait to see how close they are!

Stampede #74

Re: V's Pix

Nice pix V - but the warriors over THEE CUTTERS?!?!?! Are you serious?!?!? Not with that simple ol' triple option offense!!!! Who are they, Bear Bryant's old Oklahoma squad??? Not to mention the fact that word on the streets is they are only bringing 18-20 players (if you want to call them that!)... I guess that's why you don't schedule weddings during the season!!! lol I guess 2 starting offensive linemen are better than none!!!

So much for the game of the week!!!!