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Blitz @ Patriots postponed

Due to the rain we've had over the last 36 hours, the Bellmont A.D. has deemed the field unfit to play on for tonights game.
This game has been rescheduled for September 27th @ 7:00pm.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and look forward to closing out our regular season at home.

Re: Blitz @ Patriots postponed

The Patriots had the AD on the way to take a second look at the field in agreement with Wayne on the current weather in mind that no rain was on the way to further hurt the field. Wayne had called Raber and asked him not to call his team yet, as Wayne was intending to still play the game. About 5 minutes after Wayne put in that call, Wayne called Raber again to let him know that the AD was on his way to the field, in that 5 minutes, Raber had enough time to call his whole team to let them know that there wasnt going to be a game??? If the Patriots' field was ok to play, but the Blitz didnt want to play the game, isnt that a forfeit???? If no, please explain this whole forfeit thing to me because Im not sure I understand. If anyone is familiar with the IFL in which Im sure everybody is, this same thing happened between the Blazers and Cutters, with the result in somebody having to forfeit. Any good explaination anyone?

Re: Blitz @ Patriots postponed