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MFL Playoffs

The MFL playoffs have been moved back one week due to the Postponed Blitz @ Patriots game to be played Sept 27

This is the new schedule
Round 1 Oct 4
Round 2 Oct 11
Semi-finals Oct 18
MFL Championship Oct 25

This changes of schedule was planned is case of a game postponed after Labor Day.

Round 1 will be played between the Riot, Wildcats, Vikings, and Wolverines. The top 6 teams have locked in their position in the The Match ups will not be set until the end of the regular season.

If your still confused... as so football players would be, I have a visual representation (picture) of the playoffs IF THEY WERE TODAY ***THINGS WILL CHANGE***

Go to the Pirates Website, Click on Stats on the left hand side, Click on the Link, Go to the Playoffs Tab at the bottom of the screen.

Re: MFL Playoffs

ok, why would the whole playoffs be moved back a week when the pats and blitz can play alongside the bottom four teams and not move any games back? and why would you announce it and not the league?

Re: MFL Playoffs

To answer your questions.

First, It would not be fair to the Pats or Blitz to loose their First Round Bye while the other 4 do. Lets be honest. We all are not young anymore, and a bye week allows us to heal and feel better.

Second, the League has not or will not post on this message board. With all the hate that has been shown on this website toward the MFL, I understand why. I am posting this info to do just that INFORM the semi-pro community what is happening. Questions were raised again this past week about the playoffs and I am trying to make things as transparent and simple as possible

Re: MFL Playoffs

you must be the league spokesperson because there is nothing about it on the mfl site, yet you put it here. hmmm, more disorgaization by the mfl.

Re: MFL Playoffs

No I am not. What are you another MFL hater? Post your name or be ignored.

Re: MFL Playoffs

He does have a point, nothing has been officialy said on the MFL's site.

Re: MFL Playoffs

A guy comes on here to post a purely informational message and gets attacked. My guess as to why it's not on the MFL message board is probably that the owners all already know and will inform their players about it. John felt it was necessary to announce it here and did so and, as usual, because his team is in the MFL he gets attacked. And also as usual, by someone who is anonymous. The reason I have been affiliated with the MFL for the past 3 years is because we beat on each other on the field, but we typically don't come on here and beat on each other. And those of us who make comments on here almost always post our names or some identifying characteristic that would allow us to be identified because we don't feel the need to hide behind the anonymity. If you don't have the guts to stand behind your opinion, your opinion really doesn't matter.

Bill Bosworth #64
East Central Wolverines

Re: MFL Playoffs

The best way to deal with it is to post your info and not even bother arguing with anyone. Especialy about the no name stuff, since that is mentioned alot on here.