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MFL Playoffs Update

After reviewing the schedule change, the Blitz and the Patriots have agreed to play their makeup game during the first round of the playoffs forfeiting their playoff bye week. The board has agreed to the change and the playoff will move forward as originally stated. For those who want to see it posted somewhere else, look at the forum on the MFL website.
I apologize to those who's lives have been altered from the past post. However like things in Semi-pro you got to stay flexible. Before you go blaming anyone in the MFL, it is my quick judgment to inform that should be blamed. I will continue to post the most up to date and correct information as possible. And again NO I am not the spokesperson for the MFL, just one of the Board Members for one of the 10 teams in the League.

Re: MFL Playoffs Update

No offence, but that is why I wait until the leagues post information. It avoids mistakes like that.

Re: MFL Playoffs Update

None taken