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Pirates @ Bearcats

Congratulations to the Bearcats on their win last night. The final was 19-14. If anyone has not been down to Evansville let me tell you how nice of a facility they have. FIELD TURF! Lucky, and I just fought for a scoreboard on our field for 5 months.

Anyways, the Pirates scored first with a 5 yard run to RB Rev Run. The Bearcats blocked a punt and returned it for a TD in the start of the 2nd and ran in a TD in the middle of the 2nd quarter. The third quarter saw another INT by Pirates Safety Adams (#7 of the season) however a punt by the Pirates and a drive by the bearcats turned into 6pts. The 4th quarter the pirates scored with a 3 yard pass from #22 to #21 but time was not on our side with 2:30 something left on the Clock.

The game was dominated with Pendleties especially the holding calls against the Pirates and personal fouls against the Bearcats. I will always disapprove when refs fraternize with the home team before a game. And I'd really like the minute plus back the "newbie" scoreboard operator took from us, especially in the third quarter when we were down. But the game is over and the score is in the record books.

I just want to make sure the record keeper also puts on the books that pirates were playing against two teams yesterday. According to a few sources including this Evansville Newspaper The Bearcats have picked up Tri-State Titan Players for this game and the playoffs as their season ended last weekend. And I quote "Joshua Hoover's extra point narrowed the Bearcats' lead to 19-14.Ray Everhart, who the Bearcats picked up from the Tri-State Titans, rushed for 79 yards and a TD on just five carries."

Look rosters are due Monday so yes they can by the rules add players. No doubt they were worried about the Pirates disrupting their run for the Division Title. I personally feel that while this move is within the rules of the league, goes against the intent of the league and the integrity of the Bearcats.

So yes congratulations on the Bearcats win Tri-State Titans win over the Pirates. I just missed the memo that we were playing both teams yesterday so I am making sure everyone else gets a copy of it.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

damn playin against both teams and u still did good.. congrats

thanks for the heads up

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

To be honest with you, nothing done within the league was illegal. You weren't playing 2 teams, you were playing one. The "newbie" score keeper you are referring to more than likely won't be doing any scoring from now on. No minute was taken off the clock. The refs keep time themselves. Because you heard of sources of a team picking up a player does not mean that you; your team hasn't done it alone with any other teams in this league. It's semi pro. Can't help that people want to play ball. The rosters are locked in and trust me, we didn't pick up guys to just beat your team, we picked up because guys simply just wanted to play ball. The game was really good and fun to play against you all don't get me wrong. Although, I don't know what you mean by "fraternize" with the refs.. if it's what I think, we both have been called for the same penalties... btw, you spelled that word wrong... I will summarize the game real quick. Bearcats 19 - Pirates 14.. Not trying to be rude or anything but I don't know if your post was positive or negative but sorry boys, we've been fighting refs this whole year along with you all if that's how you feel you all lost. Good luck in the playoffs

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Just for the record, the Tri-State Titans did not play last night. If we would have combined teams with the Bearcats, the win would have been by far more than 5 points. One or two players does not a team make so don't get on here and tell everyone that our organization played last night. Even if a few players did join up, it is in your league rules for them to do so if I am not mistaken. Good Luck to the Bearcats and the rest of the teams in the MFL going forward.

Chris Cooke
General Manager
Tri-State Titans

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Didnt some1 from the bitchcats earlier in the season post that ur team made a rule that u dont add 2 the roster after the 5th week I smell bullshit A couple of close games and u guys got SCARED that u just cant do all by urself better add a few maybe u might have a shot congrats to the pirates u still almost kicked their asses I Know one of us will put them out of the playoffs so let them stack cause their about to take their second and most important lose of the year

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

there were quite a few BLUE helmets being worn on the bearcats team!

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wow, why would a great team like the Bearcats stoop to such a level. you guys are a great team, why would you want to pick up anyone else. Obviously you guys dont care about the boys sweating and bleeding and knocking heads for you all year long that just possibly may have lost their starting spot to guys who allready had their chances to play. Man no offense to you guys but your team just lost all my respect, yeah it dont mean nothing but man if you guys do win it all I hope you guys remember that it took some other people not you guys to win it for you. and that also says alot about your coach , your gm, and your organization as a whole. g/l to the Stampede and Patriots...

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

MFL watcher, I agree with you. That whole situation is pretty messed up. There needs to be a league rule about stacking your team. But anyway, good luck to all players, coaches, and fans throughout the playoffs.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Madison County marched downfield and had second and goal. Pirates quarterback Deontae Vaughn nearly slipped down, but rose up in time to connect with Devon Simmons in the back of the end zone for a 2-yard score just after the 2-minute warning. Joshua Hoover's extra point narrowed the Bearcats' lead to 19-14.Ray Everhart, who the Bearcats picked up from the Tri-State Titans, rushed for 79 yards and a TD on just five carries.......

I think i smell bullshit

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

you know, has a team picked up anybody else this season? I just want to know. I think you guys are sad you lost and have something to worry about now?? I'm sure everybody bitched and complained when Manny Ramirez left the Boston Redsocks to play for somebody else or wait, is it just because he was tired of his organization. You know, you fags from the pirates are still shitty people from your team left to go somewhere else.

the face says it all. Who cares and gives a shit?

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

When the clock runs after an incomplete pass on more then one play only while we have the ball I start to wonder. Yes the refs took over the game clock at the start of the 4th quarter, at my request.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Last time i checked, Manny didn't leave right before the playoffs and he still stayed in the MLB. He didn't leave one league after he lost to go to another league. so next time you use someone else as an example make sure it pertains to the situation.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I know nothing of the Bearcats other than I met their two reps at the league meeting in February. I don't know what their team was like before or after this "stacking" that's been mentioned. However, the rule is that you can change your roster up until the playoffs. Then a set roster is to be turned into the league the Monday before the first playoff game. If that deadline is not met, you are limited to a roster of 22 players, period. So if the Bearcats picked up some other players for this past week's game, they did nothing wrong. The appearance is that they stacked their team.

However, I would think any team that actually brought in a bunch of new, "better" players this late in the season would only be disrupting team chemistry anyway. I mean, this is a team sport and relying on your teammates to know their positions and to trust that you know yours doesn't happen overnight. If you've put together a talented team, introducing new players could only disrupt things. And keep in mind that just because there's a player on the field that you didn't see the last time you played a team, doesn't mean he wasn't on the roster from the beginning. On the Wolverines, we have a guy who paid his player fees up front and practiced before the season ever started. However, he owns his own business and got really busy this summer and was only able to come starting the 8th game of the season. But he's been on our roster on our website the entire time. Things like that happen.

Having said that, my opinion is that final rosters should be submitted by the halfway point of the season. Even teams that are having trouble getting numbers USUALLY have good numbers at the beginning so those players they had then would obviously count on the roster. Any players added after the halfway point could be added only upon approval by the other team owners in the league. I think that's a fair compromise.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Ok first off good game to the bearcats!!! We lost a game that we should have lost due to the mistakes WE as Pirates made!!! So what!! there were some different color helmets, we all put on the same pads and go out to play a game that everybody right now is disgracing by the name calling and so forth. #24 is a good player that does not go down with arm tackles...How many other players do???
As to the reference to upset Pirate players from another team (dragons) im assuming...Once again they were Pirates and/or Chiefs before there was a Dragons team... which was a team formed by two young men that had difference in opinion from the Pirate Organization at the time. When the Pirates did not field a team 2 years ago, a slew of Pirates moved on to join the Dragons, only to return when there was a Pirate Ship set up at the Pirate's Cove.
But anyway Congrats to All MFL teams and look forward to seeing how the play-offs work out!!!

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Boz I totally agree the only thing that bothered me is that bearcats was talkin down about adding players and then went on to state that its against their team policy to add to the roster after mid season thats just hypocritical cause they did just that but until the rules are changed were gonna continue to see just that gl in the post season u guys are comin around and Im sure if not this year much success is comin in the future

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I understand where you're coming from, O'Dell, and I know you're frustrated with the situation. I can't pretend to know what happened at all and I hope you know I'm not taking their side or anyone's for that matter. I've never agreed with letting the roster change all the way up to the playoff and I think the halfway rule would satisfy everyone.

Thanks for the kind words about us. And for the people who are getting on here and talking about you not proving it on the field, I can say I know better because I've played against you on that line.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

O'dell. Quit your bitching and complaining. That's all you do. Go to a forum about how great the stampede are. Ass

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I did some checking and it appears that they added three players from our roster. These players sought them out after our season finished.
Like I said in my previous post, there is nothing wrong with that per your league rules. To be honest, I kind of wish that they did add a bunch of us so I would get a shot at some of the trash talkers on here who have not played anyone……

Chris Cooke
General Manager
Tri-State Titans

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats


First off, great game to the Madison County Pirates. I can take nothing away from their team effort this past Saturday night. They conducted themselves with class and in a respectful manner all night.

However, our owner was approached by one of their team representatives immediately following the game saying that he was going to blast us on message boards and to the league about adding players and so on.

We did pick up 5 or 6 guys. They came to us. We didn't go to them. And, as previously stated, it is allowed by our league rules. We never had an official team policy on adding players. And if the rule stays the same then I don't forsee one coming into existence.

And I do recall speaking with a member of the Pirates on the field after they scored their second TD. I told him that they had improved greatly since the last time we played them. He then informed me that he had joined the team after that game and so had a few other guys.

So it did surprise me when said representative seemed upset after the game.

I'm tired of explaining why we did something legal per the rules. If you don't like it, beat us...and bring it up when the league meets again.

As for the refs. They called a good game. As I recall we we're called for three facemasks, roughing the passer and unsportsmanlike conduct. Not to mention the close-call touchdown catch in the 4th that I tried to dispute even though I knew it was a catch.

If you're still not happy about the officiating, bring a crew from your area next time...but I doubt you'll be able to since none of them go south of Indianapolis. We had to schedule a crew that we could guarantee would be there for the game and not bail on us at the last minute(since this happened to us before, and to the Wildcats when we went to Brazil).

There are a few people on here that have shown no sportsmanship or class. You do not represent your teams well. The game is played between the lines....and no amount of mouth-running or cheap insults is going to keep us from doing whatever we can legally do to beat everyone we play.

I'm curious to see next year what will happen if we have a full 50-man roster. Will people complain that we added players in the off-season?

And..."for the record"...we don't care about the "intent of the league". We care about the intent of our team. And our intent is to win a championship.

Thanks for the new nickname. See you all in the playoffs.

Zach Tieken
#47 Ohio River Bitchcats

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I have been told by my rep that the vote was unanamous to allow open roster until playoffs, which means they agreed to it to. I bet the buttpirates wouldnt have complained if they had won. But then again there rep gets on here and posts the wrong info about playoffs to. Mr. Cooke, you have until tonight at 6 to get on the roster if you would like.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I hope the players on the team will respect my position appointed and allow me to say what is needed to be said, so we can leave this alone and look toward what lies ahead of us.

First off I want to say congratulations to the Bearcats on a season well done. We, the Pirates, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to come down and compete in a highly contested football game. We wish you the best of luck during the playoffs and more importantly in the times to come after that.

My favorite player on the Bearcats is #35 because while we were going through the line I asked him, "Be honest where did you get the new guys from?" and he replied that they came from another team. I appreciate that he respected me enough as a man to not try and sit there and act like he had no idea what I was talking about. So big ups to who I call the smaller Head cause they're both huge.

Here is what I say, do I know the Bearcats played by the books? Sure. Do I think it defeats the purpose of having multiple leagues? I'm leaning toward yes. Do I think if the Generals, Cutters, Tornadoes, Warriors season ended before ours did that we wouldn't be jumping at the bit to get one of their top guys? I'd bet my last penny on it. So it's easy to cry wolf when the shoe is on the other foot. I just encourage all teams in the MFL to get ready for the new season, and remember you can only put 11 guys on the field at a time.

So good luck to all, I'm just looking forward to my team putting together a three game winning streak. By the way any of you Evansville guys looking for a place to worship, check out the Nazarene Baptist Church on Walnut, Pastor Rascoe is not only a great preacher but he is someone I can call to be a good friend and a good man.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats


You are right I did say that we would not allow players to come on after a certain point. Not that I have to explain myself but I feel compelled to do so. We are ran by a board of directors that implements our team by-laws and rules that govern us by a majority vote. This was brought up at a board meeting several months ago and was never officially put to a vote. We met about a month ago and discussed this when we were approached by several members of the Titans that wanted to play with us. A vote was taken and it was decided that the league has such rules in place for a reason and that if the Monday following the last regular season game was good for them then so be it.

So there is no confusion there were 4 of the Titans that came over all of which as stated contacted us or simply showed up to practice. These players receive no special treatment and are required to pay our fees. Any other players have been playing or practicing with us for several weeks as have many of the 4 Titans.

Good luck in the weeks to come and we hope to see you in the playoffs.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Congrats to the Bearcats on a good game. New players or old ones, we lost, because of our own mistakes, which we will address.

What I will say was unfair and could have made a big difference in the game, is the time clock operater. Yes, the problem was finally address, after we complain for 3 quarters. I hope that you guys will find someone else who knows when to start and stop the clock, in your games to come.

Big ups to #67. He slammed me about 3 times, , trust me I am not happy about that and hope to see him again. Good luck in the playoffs. Come on South, let's pull together.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats


They have our contact info if they want to. All IV of the Horsemen are available if they are needed by 6pm.

I know we had clock issues at that field during our Championship Game a few weeks ago, but it was related to a loose wire in the control box or fuse in the circuit, not operator error. I hope they have it fixed by now.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Bearcats you might want to get with that cooke guy, you know the one that swings from ur nuts, he is putting info out that his players contacted you after the season. Cooke anytime you want to play put some pads on and shut up!!!

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Ha Ha Ha, funny. Why don't you sign your name to your post? I have nothing to prove to anyone on here. I am just tired of the talk. Our organization posted on here several open dates earlier this year and put up $$$ to any team. We even offered to pay one to let us come to see them. Not one response from the MFL or IFL.

If you are not going to sign your name for us all to see, you should at least donate to Supa's fund drive so your posts can continue.....

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

After three seasons of LOAD 'EM UP PLAYOFFS, I'm glad my team left the MFL! It really takes away from all the hard work that each team and its players put in working to prepare for playoffs and the teams they played during the regular season. You may as well just have a free-for-all tourney at the end of your season, almost seems like pickup games if you ask me.

I don't fault the guys whose seasons have ended for wanting to continue playing but it's up to the league to manage its member teams.

The IFL locks its rosters after the 3rd game. If a team violates the rule, they are expelled from the league for the remainder of the season!

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

im not posting my name cuz i really dont want to be involved, but.... mr cooke, i see your posts on here often, and they annoy me more than anything else on here... mainly you sticking your nose in any business that attains to the bearcats... good for you, you like the bearcats, but plz shut up

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I was not sticking my nose anywhere. People on here made it seem like most of our team participated in a game on Saturday night. I, as General Manager, of said team posted in order to set the record straight. I think it is good that both Evansville Semi-Professional Football teams have won division titles in 2008. From the ashes of one team, two champions were born....

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I seen a ealier post that stated the roster situation was approved by every team rep in the league. So why are you bitching when you approved it yourself?

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

"im not posting my name cuz i really dont want to be involved, but.... mr cooke, i see your posts on here often, and they annoy me more than anything else on here... mainly you sticking your nose in any business that attains to the bearcats... good for you, you like the bearcats, but plz shut up"

Cookie, it sounds like he is just like those other idiots who talked trashed on the MOFL board. It's amazing to me that there are so many people who can talk alot of trash behind a computer but when confronted, they get scared.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Why doesn't anyone complain when teams add the indoor players after their season? They are professionals! Several cities have indoor teams and semi-pro teams. You can't blame the indoor players for wanting to play some more 11 man ball and keeping in shape for their next season.
I'll bet the Patriots bring the best players they can find in their area. Shouldn't we all? The better every team gets the better our league gets. This is how a league gets a good football reputation. Look to our own league and see we already have last years national champ!
Let's make the MFL dominate on and off the field. That means sportsmanship on and off the field. (and class on our bulletin boards)

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Again let me start off by saying the Bearcats played a great game. The game was close and could have went either way. Not to take away from win of the bearcats, by no means, the Bearcats pick up momentum from a Pirates mistake, a blocked punt and capitalized with a TD and the Pirates struggled to overcome that momentum until late in the 4th quarter.

Maybe I didn’t make myself as clear as I should or some people mis-understood what I stated. So let’s state it a different way.

At no time did I blame the refs for the lost. I simply stated that were talking and meeting with the bearcat players before the game. I said they called a lot of penalties, a lot of holdings on us, (pro bearcats) and lot of personal fouls on the bearcats (pro pirates). A league rep said the same thing about a different set of refs earlier in the season to the league and said how he thought we shouldn’t continue using those refs because of how unprofessional they were. I am repeating that claim.

I was very straight forward that the Bearcats have the right to obtain players until 6pm today. Yes I voted to allow that rule. The spirit of the rule is to allow the smaller teams such as the riot and wildcats a chance to replace injured players to allow them to continue to field a team in the postseason. To this I agree with. What I do not agree is that a first place team stacking all-star players from other teams from different leagues. I personally feel that this goes again the intent of the rule and by doing such the bearcats have allowed questions to be raised about their intent of their administration.

Yes I spoke to Jake after the game, and said, while he had all rights to add these players, that I was going to inform the rest of the league that he had made such a move and to make preparations for such. This I have done. Jake also mentioned that he had added some other players that were not from the Titans. That I understand, but not every team in the MFL has team from another league in their backyard that just so happens to end their season before our playoffs. This is where the fair and balanced scale tips. Do I have a problem with players switching teams at the start of season, no. It can take a game or two to see what teams really are like. Do I have a problem with players jumping teams at the end of the season just for playoffs. ABSOLUTELY.

To rebuttal a few statements lobbed at the pirates,

“””And I do recall speaking with a member of the Pirates on the field after they scored their second TD. I told him that they had improved greatly since the last time we played them. He then informed me that he had joined the team after that game and so had a few other guys. “”” One guy nicknamed Tiny was added the week after the bearcats game as he just moved into town. We also have had 4 players that were playing last sat’s game who were out during the first game against the bearcats due to injury. So yes, and no, and we have improved.
“””And..."for the record"...we don't care about the "intent of the league". We care about the intent of our team. And our intent is to win”"” Then that said your integrity is clear. That I know most don’t care about integrity, but the man upstairs does.
“""I'm curious to see next year what will happen if we have a full 50-man roster. Will people complain that we added players in the off-season?”"" Well I hope everyone does. By the way the roster limit is 45 after they are turned in. I fully expect the pirates to have a 50 man roster at the start of next season.

To chris cooke.: Never was it my intent to question your team or your league. Congratulations on your season.

Moving forward, I am going to seek a rule change in for the 2009 season to prevent this from happening again and hope teams remember this event on why an earlier roster deadline is needed.

Congratulations (AGAIN) to the Bearcats on your win. You have a lot of good players on your team. I will quote one of your players at the end of the game and say “ this was one of the hardest hitting teams we have played all year.” A rematch is loaded and ready to go, be that this season or next.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I'm not going to push this issue any further. I think arguing about it any more would just be disrespectful to all the players who beat their dicks into the dirt trying to win that bad ass game we were lucky enough to have played.

Best of luck to the Pirates in the playoffs.

Maybe someday Evansville will have one well-organized team again and we won't have to worry about roster differences.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

madison county, you are pathetic. you moan and groan and are still mad about losing your previous players on your team. So what, get over it. The bearcats would have beaten your blocks off any day. Any day. instead of showing your ability on the field, you are doing what most teams do after a loss, find ever damn possible way to make an argument and blame why you lost. If I do recall, they did beat you the first time. Just cuz they added these new players means they might not have beaten you by 20 or 30 this game but once players learn the correct positions and get their heads where the team is, then you should be finding out how not to loose a game. You know, you claim that it's not fair teams leave other teams. Well, the titans season was over, players wanted to continue to play, and that is it. They didn't leave their team, they didn't break any rules, and for all you damn well know, they could stack their team some more before six and guess what, look out cuz like john madden says "BOOM". They have the resource of just going out their back doors and finding great players. They didn't seek players, the players seeked them out to play. Look at their high school programs down there? Reitz, Mater Dei, North, Castle... The list goes on. The talent is there. young and old. They have the 2nd or what 3rd largest city in Evansville and when the word semi-pro is mentioned, how many people in the crowd do you think, "wow, where is my chance?". It's semi pro, you aren't getting paid neither am I. And what a bitch move to say in a real fag voice to a guy named "Jake"... "I'm going to spread the word about this on a message board." you are like that girl I dumped in high school for bitching so much when I did nothing wrong... lmao... MOMMY MOMMY he did it! I'm telling. blah ha ha.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

John Jackson,

Thank you. I would have made the game (to watch) but I was busy working with a High School team here in town that was in need of my help.


I don't know if your dream is possible now. We will have a conversation about it once your season is over. The Horsemen are not retired!!! All four of us will be back in 2009!!!

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Just some food for thought.

Yet again, a small "tremor in the force" has been experienced in the "amateur" football world. I will expound on the reasons I used the word "amateur" in a moment.

Concerning the "force disruption", all evidence seems to support that a few folks are upset about possible impropriety with respects to roster rules within the MFL. For all intent and purpose, this seems to be an "open and shut" case. The rule allows such action - such action has been taken; and therefore no rules have been broken.

"...a lot of paper here to tell us we need clean water; we need clean water guys?"

Those lines come from a commercial that is currently running on television. The commercial features a Fire Chief presiding over a large gathering of fire fighters. While the commercial seems to imply that complex and perhaps convoluted language is not required to obtain a certain goal, in real life that is rarely the case. In short, it is a necessary evil to eliminate all manner of "loop-holes" that may be exploited intentionally or non-intentionally. The creation of such documents is almost always a time consuming effort – see congressional legislation. In this case, it appears that however well meaning the effort, loop holes were left in the final decree of the MFL's roster rule.

A good example of how rules evolve over time can be found in the current iteration of the NFL's playing rules. Two rules in general come to mind. In 2008, the 5 yard face mask infraction has been eliminated. Likewise, there are no longer any "push-outs" along the sideline boundaries of the playing field. While I am obviously not privy to actual proceedings of the NFL's competition committee, there is no doubt that the authors sought to eliminate apparent vagueness in rule. This vagueness led to interpretations that created perceived inequities in how the rule was administered in actual practice.

Like the NFL, the MFL should seek to iron out the perceptual differences among various team organizations in the off season. For now, to perhaps utilize a rather crass analogy, this is non unlike some undergrad listening to and then believing that her date was only going to put the head in. The perceptual differences are in just how much penetration was achieved. In the final analysis, both parties must deal with the status quo. There should be no more "suprises".

In watching this development, the thread has devolved into the usual "cloak and dagger" tactics that have become all too typical on this board. Thus, it is really inappropriate to raise such a serious issue among the many that continue to cast their feces at visitors like chimpanzees at a zoo anonymously. These types are obviously fearful of the opinion that most would have if their true identity was known. They are without honor.

The good people at Merriam-Webster define honor as follows:

1 a: good name or public esteem: reputation b: a showing of usually merited respect : recognition
2: privilege
3: a person of superior standing —now used especially as a title for a holder of high office
4: one whose worth brings respect or fame: credit

I call attention to the last entry; number 4 "an honor to the profession".

With respects to the word profession, the wordsmith's offer the following definition of the term 'semi-professional':

1) Taking part in a sport for pay but not on a full-time basis.
2) Composed of or engaged in by semiprofessional players.
1) A semiprofessional player.
2) One whose occupation or work has some of the characteristics of a profession or of a professional.

In contrast, the word authorities define amateur as:

One who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession

Clearly, and in addition to the type of behavior that consistently appears on this message board, there are very few examples of "professional" behavior. I salute the few "men" that frequently post on this board and stand by their comments WITH honor.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

No wonder the mfl is a joke. They still air there laundry on a message board.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Hey, thanks for the thesis HBC, let me proof read it for you. Hmmmm. Next time try not to include references to Star Wars, a stupid Nextel commercial, and unprotected pre-martial sex. You'll come off as less of a douche. Oh and also, don't complain about "cloak-and-dagger" tactics when you don't ever identify yourself (and yes Mr. observant, I know I don't identify myself here either, that's the point).

and P.S. "IFL fan" STFU. We get it, you guys think you're so great and every team there is better than the MFL, and there's nothing that ever goes wrong. Seems to me like it's a boring ass league. The only posts I see about it on here are dumb-fucks like yourself giving yourself an "atta-boy". W2G self confidence.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Could we see the the horsemen on the bearcats next year??? WHAT A TEAM THAT WOULD BE.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats


Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

you and the four jokesters need to pad up next year. I'm tired of hearing how good you guys are. Then maybe the south could do something in this league


Re: Pirates @ Bearcats


Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

To "WHAT!",

Oooh, I must have struck a nerve. Let me begin by saying that I am amazed to see that you have the mental capacity to comprehend complete sentences. Second, let me thank you for providing an excellent example of the "chimpanzee-like behavior" I spoke of. I will also point out that the commercial is evidently not quite that stupid as you recall the product and company that created it. I guess that makes you one of the millions of "sheeple" being herded about by marketers. Additionally, there is at least one untruth stated in your ranting.

For the record...

I would think that most folks are aware of my "HBC" moniker. Indeed, I am 100% certain that Supafan could acknowledge this fact among other longtime board visitors. I originally adopted and posted as "Heap Big Chief" during my time as Head Coach of the Madison County Chiefs. As time went by, other posters would simply use the acronym "HBC" in either response or a ‘shout out’ post. Thus, it was not even I that created the "HBC" name.

With the formation of the M. C. Pirates I considered adopting a new moniker for use on the message board. Ultimately, I opted to post as "Coach Hill aka HBC". I continually posted under this name until it was no longer relevant. Since I no longer serve as Head Coach, I do not feel I should include it in the name. At some point after my final season with the Pirates, I posted as "HBC former Coach of the Pirates". At such time that I felt certain that posters I might respond to would know WHO I am, I dropped the lengthier name and simply used "HBC".

So for 2008 Supafan forum "contemporaries" it is now documented as well as any poster here as to WHO I am. Having stated all this, I am pretty certain that you are already aware of these facts.

Dane Hill
Former Head Coach of the Madison County Chiefs/Pirates

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

you really wouldn't want the Horsemen to team up with the Bearcats and play in this league, it just wouldn't be fair!

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats


Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

It wouldn't be fair for you scrubs if you came to the IFL either...Test how good you really are against some real talent...MFL scrubs, STAMPEDE OR THE SISSYCATS would be lucky to win a game..LMAO

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

are you kidding me. The stampede the bearcats as well as the patriots would be the top teams in the IFL. Your top them "cutters" have been be beat by the patriots and these three teams are about equal. so you can take all this IFL shit talking and throw it up your ass.

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Stick it nice,anyways both of you scrubs always throw the other you in the mix and then throw the Pats in.Too scared to stand alone.Cutters,Blazers,Mustangs would gladly meet your top 3 after the season,so make a statement and have your weakass organization holla ,everybody knows you just battle over some weak messageboard so step up...Ain't the same Pats from last year bottomline.Not the same Cutters.I know them Cutter boys are always looking for an easy target so SRUBPEDE OR SISSYCATS call em' out.Just keep talking about your dragons saving ya or some other team uniting. GET BIG!!!

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

Bearcat Fan,

It is not going to happen. That window has now closed.

To all the other haters, our only losses were to teams that were ranked #1 in the country by Minor League Football News this season. If that makes me a scrub, than a scrub I shall be. You will not see us in either the MFL or IFL in 2009.

Might I suggest this as a solution:

Welcome to the Great Midwest Gridiron Challenge!

The Great Midwest Gridiron Challenge is a 16 team tournament that will be used to determine the best semi-pro (minor league, adult amateur) team in the Midwest and surrounding regions.

This tournament is set up like the BCS except everyone that participates will play for the Great Midwest Gridiron Regional Title instead of any two random teams being picked.

In order to qualify for the challenge, teams must have at least 6 wins and be OVER .500, however if we cannot find 16 teams that meet this criteria, then we will take teams that have 6 wins and are AT .500. If this still cannot be done then we will take teams that have 5-wins and OVER .500 if we still can't find that scenario then will take a team that is 5-5.
NOTE: We will not take any teams that are BELOW .500 or have forfeited any regular season games. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

GURANTEE the only team I think that has the balls to join a tourney like this would be the Generals.Like to see all of these dudes talking about how good they are get in the mix, but its just not gonna happen,especially with anyone in the MFL.I take that back the Cards seem to love to play good comp,but no invite from either teams will happen

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

I am retarded!

Re: Pirates @ Bearcats

That last post was not made by me.