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Enough is Enough...

talk talk dont we ever get tired of it. I posted earlier solely to get my frustrations out on a team that had the potential of being champs w/o the players recently recruited. In the end you all put on the same pads. the bearcats are not going to release those players regardless of what anyone saids so just face it. is it legal, apparently, is it dirty though, hell yeah. but gentleman you all are suppose to be playing cause you love the game so lets not forget that. g/l to all MFL teams these next coming weeks and try and stay healthy gents.

Re: Enough is Enough...

These players showed up for practice or called the Bearcats. They were not recruited. Several Titan players considered playing with the Bearcats at the beginning of the season but chose to go the other way.

The true team effort and sportsmanship of the Bearcats make it a desirable team for any good player from the area. My bet is they and the Titans have almost a full roster next year. Evansville is a great football city.

Re: Enough is Enough...


Next year, if we submit rosters before the playoffs, we should submit both ours and the Titan's rosters. That would be dirty.

I don't get paid...last time I checked, no one on our team got paid for this either. Everyone on our team pays...even the added players.

If you could have done it, you would too I think. Especially if you had just 21 healthy players.

And I will never turn away a player who wants to play if he's willing to put up the effort. We've played with these guys on the Vipers and we figured some of them would want to play with us. So hell no I won't turn them away.

One of the guys just started school at USI and hadn't even heard of us until a couple weeks I'm not going to tell him to leave either.

And if it's dirty to not break the rules, then yeah...we're dirty.

We're a first year team just trying to survive by winning. It doesn't help to have half our home games cancelled due to forfeit, but we found a way. No one wants to support us yet because of what the Vipers turned into, but we found a way.

I would be an idiot if I didn't try to add every stud in the Ville if it were allowed by the rules. It would go against every football bone in my body. (speaking of which, the mayor flipped the coin...we should have picked him up too.)

God help everyone in this league if we're in it next haven't seen a tenth of the talent this town has...that includes the guys on the Titans too.

Re: Enough is Enough...

I have been reading these post for the past day and all I can do is laugh at the complaints but yet no rules have been broken. In a recent post, something said about chemistry between the team?? Well, everybody are friends on the team and trust me, nobody lost a starting spot what-so-ever. Just say, it gives me a breather when I need one. Tieken is right though, I would pick up every stud in Evansville, Indiana but we will wait until next year to see what is in store for us. Why most are complaining, the bearcats are going to be preparing for the playoffs with our stacked roster. The whole teams got studs gents and we only getting better as the years go on cuz

Re: Enough is Enough...

No rule was broken but i don't agree with it that my opinion which doesn't mean much but as a team who is struggling to field a team and is playing a team this weekend with the same problem the rule does work in our favor. I'll admit it i just add 4 guys yesterday just in case I come up short of guys this weekend or in the playoffs. Our last game we travel with 12 guys to play a game, now im not taking a shot at the bearcats but i would love to have your problems you only have 21 healthy guys in my little area 21 is a good size team and im sure the other smaller teams (Vikes, and Wildcats) would agree if we had 21 guys we would be a lot more competitive this year. also im not saying it unfair that they have more resources i just did a poor job of recuitment but as anyone know we started really late and were lucky to be playing this year so i guess we should just play some ball and worry about the rule next year cuz we can't change it now but i think it something to look at but not now so good luck in the playoffs everyone

Re: Enough is Enough...

Evansville Semi-Pro Football is strong and will only get stronger going forward.
Two first year teams, Two Division Championships. I look at the Bearcats as a little brother that you want to see do well. They have exceeded expectations in my book. We were expected to do what we did since our core group is older and has more Semi-Pro experience. However, that is not to take anything away from them since they have a solid core of younger players. Jake and Tiek are two of the most honest people that I have met during my time in Semi-Professional Football. I will offer up my services to help with your game day operations during your playoff run so you all can work at your on the field goal of a league title for Evansville. I can work a clock, lol.

Re: Enough is Enough...

Bearcat47 dont look so hard into the post man.. and for the record I dont play with any team. you got to catch up on your street slang you guys didnt break no rules just ride with got teams like the Stampede and Patriots to worry about but instead you keep replying to these posts. Let it ride and play the sport you love man.. and for Cooke, I like how you put it, its like a lil brother you want to see do well...g/l to all MFL teams.

Re: Enough is Enough...

everyone needs to quit all the hatin on the bearcats if no MFL rule was broken then there was no foul play...most all teams pick up a few players before playoffs. Just play football....

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