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MFL Power Rankings

1. Adams County Patriots- With the playoffs looming, the champs are hitting on all cylinders as they look to repeat as MFL kings. But before that they have a homer against a hard nosed Blitz squad that came thisclose to pulling off the stunner last month.

2. Miami County Blitz- Defense, Defense, Defense. When they score, they make it stand. But scoring seems to be this teams achilles heel.

3. Indy Stampede- The mouth of the south can not go without mentioning. They have a defense that is just plain ball-hawking stiff. But regardless of how they might be trying to lead everyone to believe they have a capable O, it is still this team's weakness...but not for lack of talent.

4. Ohio River Bearcats- Call this team the magicians. Not only do they make it seem like they're "two teams", but they also do a big disappearing act in the big games. That choking sound you hear from the south just might be the OR-Cats. They may be one of the most talented teams in the league, but they just can't finish.

5. Madison County Pirates- This team needs an identity to go with it's ability. If the Pirates can figure out who they are in the next two weeks, look out MFL.

6. Indiana Cardinals- Which team will show up for the playoffs? The Cardinals that dropped the Blitz a few weeks ago or the Cards that couldn't find a way against the Pirates last week?

7. West Central Wildcats- I'm putting this team above the other three for two reasons...heart and discipline.

8. Randolph County Riot- Some speed + small size = early departure from the tourney. They might be a couple years yet from seeing the production the're capable of. Don't underestimate them though,they have a way of surprising...

9. East Central Wolverines- Here's a team that WILL be dangerous...just not this year. Have to hand it to the one team that doesn't run their mouth on the ol boards. Class acts deserve to, and will find a way to win.

10. Miami County Vikings- A difficult season and a banged up team, sadly, may spell the end for the Vikes...however, if they are taken likely they may pull off the 1st round stunner.


Re: MFL Power Rankings

whoever put this down is an idiot

Re: MFL Power Rankings

"whatever" what is your beef with this post. I think it is well stated and insulated with facts.

Re: MFL Power Rankings

1. Patriots
2. Bearcats
3. Stampede
4. Pirates
5. Cardinals
6. Blitz
7. Wolverines
8. Riot
9. Vikings
10. Wildcats