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OK, just so I can get it out in the open..YES I'm a St.Louis Rams fan! I was there in '99 when we won, I'm here when we loose. But I just can't figure how they are actually HEALTHY and still loosing. ( well, getting killed ) Why draft pick a WR that can run a 4.25 40, and keep him on the bench? Last I checked, the bench has a way of slowing you on the field.

HOWEVER - I stand out and pick Stl. ( with Trent Green at QB) OVER the Buffalo Bills this weekend 24-20.

( No one wake me up, I like this dream world ALLOT better than the real one.)

I also know U of Illinios is going to get destroyed at Penn State Saturday ( Not AT ALL like Ohio St's Drop dead performace against the University of Spoiled Children 2 weeks ago) ..but it'll be close for a half.

And anyone - Notre Dame: For real or No deal?

Re: Sat/Sunday

i like the bengals so we are in the same boat they could do it too they just need to get there heads out of there buts they almost beat ny but they need to do something on d

Re: Sat/Sunday

Come on now Hendricks, Notre Dame hasn't been for real in 20 years. All Irish fans don't get mad it's just the facts. Exit Lou Holtz enter nothing, they are just living off the legacy.