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"NEW" Midwest Tournament.....NOT "NFE"

Welcome to the Great Midwest Gridiron Challenge!

The Great Midwest Gridiron Challenge is a 16 team tournament that will be used to determine the best semi-pro (minor league, adult amateur) team in the Midwest and surrounding regions.

For one, the cost of travel and getting teams to participate anywhere east of the Ohio Valley Region, West of the Great Plains Region, Southeast Region and/or Texas Region would increase the chance of forfeits because of lack of funds and depleted rosters. Two: we are trying to keep the travel MAXIUM for the first three rounds less than 6 hours if at all possible which will decrease the cost and afford more players the opportunity to make all of the games.

This tournament is set up like the BCS except everyone that participates will play for the Great Midwest Gridiron Regional Title instead of any two random teams being picked.

In order to qualify for the challenge, teams must have at least 6 wins and be OVER .500, however if we cannot find 16 teams that meet this criteria, then we will take teams that have 6 wins and are AT .500. If this still cannot be done then we will take teams that have 5-wins and OVER .500 if we still can't find that scenario then will take a team that is 5-5.
NOTE: We will not take any teams that are BELOW .500 or have forfeited any regular season games. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

All teams must also have the facility to "Host" and ability "Travel" without restrictions, have the ability to play on "SATURDAY" (unless BOTH scheduled teams agree on a Sunday game with advance notice), all are required to turn in a tournament roster by the deadline date of October 18, 2008, must have matching uniform (jerseys and pants MUST MATCH), helmets must be the SAME COLOR, and teams must adhere to a strict NO VIOLENCE policy.

Any team that wishes to participate in the challenge must also fill out an online registration form and pay a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee. If you are approved (if you meet the above criteria then you will be approved) you will be required to pay a $250.00 participation fee which is due by the deadline date of October 11, 2008.

Failure to meet the roster or payment deadlines, OR violation of any rules during the tournament, will result in your team being disqualified from the tournament.

Failure to meet the roster or payment deadlines, OR violation of any rules during the tournament, will result in your team being disqualified from the tournament.

Teams are seeded by East Region (1-8) and West Region (1-8) according to:
Regular Season Won-Loss Record
Head to Head
Defensive Points Allowed
Offensive Points Scored
Coin Toss
Teams with the higher seeding will "host" will host and teams with the lower seeding will travel. After each round teams will reseed until we are down to #1 in the East Region and #1 in the West Region at which point those teams will play for the championship.

We would like the Championship game to be played at a "Neutral Site"; however, if a neutral site is not available the team with the highest seeding will host the Championship Game.

You may request a refund on or before October 18, 2008. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS after this date. Also no refunds will be given if you are removed from the tournament for rule violations.

We are NOT trying to reinvent the wheel or compete with any other National or Regional Tournament committee, we are simply trying to put together the best possible scenario for all parties involved to make it an even keel tournament without all of the politics.

Great Midwest Gridiron Challenge
P.O. Box 84
West Alton, MO 63386
PHONE: (618) 223-0446
FAX: (618) 465-8121

Re: "NEW" Midwest Tournament.....NOT "NFE"

That's cool.... I would imagine a lot of teams would like to play a few more games if possible... Not to "knock anyone's hustle," but it would be refreshing if owners/coaches of teams that would be interested could get together and have a tourney like this (even if it were only 8-10 teams)and not have to charge that sort of money.... Honestly, if it were done that way, charging about half of the money (approx. $125.00-$150.00) would cover awards for the winning team and the runner-up. Since teams would host their own games (cover rental and officials), the only money needed would be for awards, right? I would be glad to assist in spear-heading something like this... Obviously, I'm talking regional (Midwest) because that's where I'm at. Thoughts?

Re: "NEW" Midwest Tournament.....NOT "NFE"

The Gentelemen that is trying to put this together breaks down the cost as follows:

$1500 to the East Region Champ for Travel or cost of hosting Championship Game
$1500 to the West Region Champ for Travel or cost of hosting Championship Game
$300 Brass Trophy for Champions
$300 Brass Trophy for Runner Up
$300 Tournament MVP

Total = $3900 and you would get $4000 with 16 teams so he really makes no profit because I know this guy and he will attend as many games as he can so he will be putting out gas $$ and such so $100 to put this on is nothing

Re: "NEW" Midwest Tournament.....NOT "NFE"

Anybody playing in this tourney or what?Where are the registered teams?Cutters

Re: "NEW" Midwest Tournament.....NOT "NFE"

Teams signed up to play as of today:

Northeast Missouri Cyclones (12-0)
Oklahoma Thunder (12-0)
West Virigina Lightning (12-0)
East Central Missouri Eagles (11-1)
Northwest Ohio Knights (11-2)
Roscoe Rush (12-3)
Beloit Titans (9-3)
Chicago Grizzlies (7-1)
Illinois Firehawks (7-4)