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I heard that the Wildcats have folded for the season. Are htey gonna be back next year??

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It seems like you and all of your smoking friends always come to every game I make it out to- no matter where it is. And you always sit right by me. The fact that we are often on the premises of a High School that explicitly forbids your nasty habit does not seem to phase you and your friends.

If the game we all love so much is to be taken seriously, Smokin Joe will have to be Jonesin' Joe until he gets back to his car. Smoking is for sucks, and it has no place near a field of athletic competition.

Re: Wildcats

We'll be back. Not going anywhere.

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Rindone, nice talking to ya at the bearcats game. Hope we can put the hard feelings behind us. It's good to hear that you guys will be back next season. If you guys need anything let me know; I would be more than happy to help.