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Attention anyone from the Generals

I am trying to locate Brian Hendricks, or Eric Rozens phone number and email.
We are playing this weekend at Athletes in Action which is a Christian based missionary.
In order for any of the Generals to step on the field, you have to sign a waiver form basically not holding Athletes in Action liable for any occurance that may come on the field.
I have the forms in email and I sent them to Troy Edwards last week, but he never got back with me saying he received them.
I need to send these to someone on the Generals team so they can start getting them filled out before you get to Dayton or you will not be allowed to step on the field. Also make sure you bring a picture ID as if they asked if you filled this out, they may ask for ID to verify it is you.
The location of the game is 1197 S. Detroit St. Xenia, Ohio
Kickoff is at 7:00 PM
We can get on the field by 6:00 PM.
They have no locker rooms at this facility.
The field is new synthetic turf.
I don't know if they have their scoreboard up and running yet as it got hit by lightning.
They have bleachers, but they also have a hill that sits you up higher if your fans want to bring chairs, they can see better.
If someone can call me at (937)477-3130 or email me at I will get you the form. Its one form that all the players have to sign.

Thank you,
Coach Agee
Miami Valley Warriors.

Re: Attention anyone from the Generals


I got the forms...I sent a response, must not have gone through. It has been sent to our head coach, and the players are signing it, and they will have it Saturday.


Re: Attention anyone from the Generals

Thanks Troy,
Just wanted to make sure your team had everything it needed.
Coach Agee