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champ is here

Just curious if anyone else sees the future besides myself?!?!?The PATS R the powerhouse of these 2 leagues and will win by at least 2 TD'S!GURANTEE,the smacked the Cutters who will win by 14,which is weird beacuse the Cutters are the better team in a better league...Although I honestly believe with the additions of the LB's and RB's,it would put the Cutters over the top by 14....Say what you want,but the Cutters in my mind or 2-3 in PR.Bottomline is each team has has 1 guy nobody can stop...#7 Cutters and #9 Pats,who are the best skill players in both leagues sorry Israel...

Re: champ is here

Ok there are many threads on here that talk of an IFL vs MFL Championship game and we all have seen where almost all the teams in these league are big supporters of charity so here is a challenge to all of the teams. How about the two Champions meet in Indianapolis and play a charity game tickets could be $10.00 for adults and children 12 and under free and ALL proceeds go to a worth while charity such as Riley Hospital or something similar. I'm sure there are many people who would be willing to work on this project and make it happen. Just set all the bickering aside and all the contempt aside for one afternoon of football and help a good cause while doing it.
I'm positive the players would love it and not mind playing one more game this year.

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Just wanted to say that no winner has been declared of either teams in the MFL, but something like a charity would be awesome to be a part of. I thought about something like this for the Bearcats and Titans of Evansville when they face each other at the beginning of the year next preseason and the winner decides which charity/organization the pot goes to. It's really good to throw the rivals of each league to a charity. Believe it or not, but something like this really gets the attention of your teams and brings attention to your leagues and organizations. If it happens between the champs or not, teams should look into something like this... It's a really good idea and it leaves who has the bigger manhood at home because it's for a much better cause.

Nick Wahl Ohio River Bearcat #7

Re: champ is here

I believe that phrase was trademarked by Chris Johnson, formerly #72 of the South Central Broncos, at the IFL All-Star Game hotel.