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MFL Championship Game Tailgate Party

Just to let everyone know that there will be a tailgate party starting about 3pm before the game in the parking lot. There will be hamburgers and hotdogs cooked by one of our sponsors, Ty Cowans, a well established local cook who does alot of hog roasts and stuff. The taligate will be held from 3pm until about 630pm. Everyone in the league is more than welcome to come and hang out with us. As far as I know, there will be no charge for any food but you will have to bring your own drinks or purchase one from the concessions. Please keep in mind that the tailgate is being held on School grounds so NO alcohol will be allowed, however, smoking is permitted but only outside the gates of admission. Once again, those who show their team colors in the MFL will be let in the game free of charge. I personally would love see at least a couple of players from each team from the North at the game, and I also would like to extend my thanks to those from the Cards and Wolves who made it to the semi-final game last week. On behalf of the team, thanks and hope to see you and the rest of the North at this weeks game. Of course the South is more than welcome to come and hang out as well. For all those Patriot fans, wear your team t-shirt or sweatshirt or buy one and get a free hotdog during the game. The Patriots Appreciation Tailgate Party is not only for the Patriots and other teams but a chance for our fans to come and hang out with the team they love to cheer on as well. The Patriots would love to say "Thank you" to all our loyal fans. Let's go Pats! P-A-T-S..Pats Pats Pats!!!!!!!