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SCAM Alert

If you receive a phone call from a gentleman in Florida trying to sell you 45 "new" helmets and shoulder pads for cheap, be very careful.

I tried to get him to send picture and he refused.
I tried to set up payment through COD and he refused.
He was so bent on selling them yesterday and today he said it really wasn't that pressing.

Something doesn't seem right here.

He seems to be scouring Semi-Pro Website trying to "dump" this stuff on someone else.

Re: SCAM Alert

Damn it Richardson, Leave it go man....just leave it go. You have bigger things to worry about than football and getting rid of equipment.

Re: SCAM Alert

Are you sure they weren't from the Detroit Lions or the Cincinnati Bengals? I've heard they really don't need their equipment this year.

Brian Clawson

Re: SCAM Alert

LOL@ Clawson!!! funny stuff man!

Re: SCAM Alert

yeah, he also called me with the same deal

Re: SCAM Alert

Did he go by the nickname 'lil D? This cat slung vehicles in Indiana and now resides in florida sling'n big trucks. This cat is a walking pawn shop. If this guy calls you next, pick up the phone and imediately call Anne Hathaway and I tell her that I love her. Remember kids.. just say NO to 'lil D! It's the law..P.S. if he offers you a diamond earring with pads and helmets or something...let me know please! Little Punk!