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why post season is so special

I'm sitting here on the Southside of Indianapolis looking out my window at the beautiful sunshine and the fall colors of the trees and I'm trying to make up my mind what game to attend this evening should I drive to Adams County and watch the Pats play the Bearcats or should I drive South and watch the Cutters play the Blazers. This is a huge choice for me as both of these games will be close hard fought games and any of the teams can win. I believe the Pats will squeak one out over the Cats by 4 points and the game would be lots o fun to see in person but then on the other hand I think the Blazers and Cutters might just be the better game for excitement and I think it will come down to a field goal with less than a minute to play and the Blazers will pull the upset. Don't take that wrong Cutters you are a good team but hey you just don't do well in post season and big games so I'm saying Blazers by 1 with the late field goal.
You know there is something about a crisp fall evening the chill in the air and a couple of teams on the field under the lights oh sure I attend many games and watch teams from both leagues but nothing is better than a night like tonight the weather cool and crisp and the hitting hard.
To all the players from both leagues THANK YOU for another season of semi-pro football I have enjoyed it. As you take the field tonight remember one team will go home and have to wait for another season and one team will continue on.
I hate to bring this up at the end of this post but there has been so many posts on here about new leagues and who is coming back and who is going where and what not,gentlemen please lets not talk that subject now it does nobody any good. The next season is 9 months away finish this season and then make your plans. There have been so many games this year that didn't get played because of looking for grass greener on the other side of the fence. Even playoff games have been canceled due to lack of interest but if you look at the scores from both leagues playoff games they have all been close and good games. This is the season when it only takes one game and you are the spoiler. Maybe you didn't have the season you wanted or thought you would have but now is a time that you can redeem yourself.
Gentlemen GOOD LUCK tonight play safe travel safe if you are on the road and remember why you play the game. Enjoy the fellowship with your team mates and may God bless you all and your families