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Poor Showing of Class

I just wanted to say that I was at the Warriors/Mustangs game, and was not disappointed in the game play. The game was a good one till the very end. What i was disappointed in was the poor showing of class by a specific member of the Warriors team, #45. Not sure of his name. After the game he didnt even shake hands with the other team and he so graciously gave the opposing crowd a nice "@#$% YOU %$#@ YOU", and the finger for a good couple minutes as he walked off the field.I know that emotions run high in games as these, and even if there were bad calls or what not in the game, you have to remain an adult. As a football player, you are looked up to by many children that come to watch you every saturday. As a parent, i am so glad that my child was not there. But i do feel bad for every parent that did have a child there and they had to see that. I also feel bad for the players of the warriors that did show class. This kind of behavior is embarrassing for all the players, as well as the leauge. Props on all the warriors that showed class at the end of this game. All of you are great athletes, and fought a very tough game. As for the Mustangs, good luck next week against the Cutters. Im looking forward to watching a great game. Everyone have a safe week!

Re: Poor Showing of Class

Sorry for basically posting a double thread. I think someone had the same idea as me.. at the same time.. did see that u caught the name though. Dinger.