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Fella's, Just wanted to say congradulations and I wish I had been able to battle with you guys this year. even though I did not play, it would still mean something to know the Bushman Trophy is in some good hands... I want to wish you boys not luck but wellness in your preparation and play. Stay healthy..stay DEDICATED this week, assume nothing, prepare and knock someone in thier damn mouth. Your four quaters away from glory, seize it, earn it. I wish you all the best! Hemi

P.S. Rondell....the past means absolutely not a damn thing at this level and you know it. You are entitled to your opinion and since the broncos are no longer.. your 3X's are to live off, so you can't be faulted for your remarks. Just a good thing it's not your role to underestimate these boys, if it'd be your ass