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Anyone Interested?

Just wondering if anyone would want to take part in a Snow Bowl. We're looking at putting this on in January on a Saturday. I haven't decided on a date yet. This is a open invitation. We're trying to figure out if this will be a 7on7, 8on8 or a regular football game tournament. Your input would be greatly appreciated on this.

If you want more info call me (Cecil) at 765-329-1969.

Re: Anyone Interested?

Would definitely be fun. I'm all about the 8 on 8 deal as I've become a huge fan of the arena format. We could shorten and narrow the field with cones or something if that's the way we go. I'd love to see teams from all different leagues come and play.

Re: Anyone Interested?

Sounds Like it would be fun...

Solomon Allen
#1 Miami County Vikings