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Great Season Mustangs!!!

Hey guys.....I am sure you are all still hurting (physically and emotionally) from the game tonight, but as a fan, I want to say thank you..THANK YOU!!! You guys fought hard tonight, it just wasn't meant to be. You guys are a class act!!! Don't be down, be proud to be part of an organization like the mustangs. It has been one heckava season and as a fan I want to say again, thanks for all the great times. For the fans around me, you have been a great group of people to yell and scream with, and I hope to do again. Remember BE PROUD of the orange and blue, and know that we are proud of you....every one of you. I wish you all good health and a great off season and look forward to next year. Thanks for the memories.

Re: Great Season Mustangs!!!

Fantastic game guys. Be BLESSED, and prayerful. the Lord loves all of you. I will see you next year.

Re: Great Season Mustangs!!!

This season has been an experience that I will never forget. I had the most fun announcing for a class group of gentlemen that I have ever been privledged to be around. I also want this to be known. I have announced semi-pro, youth league, and high school sports for quite a few years. Beyond any shadow of a doubt Mustang fans are the very best.
To Sid, Andy, Houlihan, Shaun, and the rest of the Mustangs - I want to thank you all for giving me and Andrea the oppertunity to be associated with the Mustang family. This is one of the first organizations I have become associated with since moving here form Ohio, and to be honest, one of the best.
God Bless us all. Enjoy the off season and the upcoming holidays. See you Next season