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Indy Dragons

Hello all it has been a while. First i want to say congrats to Aron and Troy for finishing our season together at Northwest. It was a struggle but those two really worked their butts off. Aron is going to turn that team around sooner than later.
Second i want to say conrats to the Patriots for repeatting as MFL champs.
For those who did not know I help coach the Cutters this season when I could. It was great getting to know Jim,Brent and John better. These guys are friends for life. I dont know if i have more respect for any other coach than I do Brent. Congrats to the cutters team as a whole you guys are great champions.

Now to the Dragons!
Yes there will be a Dragons team in 2009!
That is all im going to say for right now. If anyone has any questions you can email me
I will not answer question on this site. Not to disrespect anyone but i just think its best to do it this way. Any and all players even past players are welcomed back.
Sometimes in life people should get a second chance.

Re: Indy Dragons

I just want to ask One Question JT, will the dragons be in the IFL or MFL.

Please just this one question. thank you

Indy player.

Re: Indy Dragons

i cant see the dragons ever going back to the MFL. I told you guys this was real.

Re: Indy Dragons


You can resurrect the Dragons as long as you promise not to steal any of our plays!

Seriously - thanks for the help this year and good luck. Give me a call when you get to Bloomington sometime or I'll call you when I'm in Indy.

John Shean
812-332-3643 wk

Re: Indy Dragons

But, no one answered my Question. IFL or MFL where are they going to land. Not assumption, but fact.

Re: Indy Dragons

MFL probably isnt going to be a option.

Re: Indy Dragons

How can they tell you. I mean who are you. First The league that they apply to must say yes we will let you play in our league in 09. so until some leagues have some meeting YOU will just have to wait. Oh wait why dont YOU just email them.