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Players Searching For Teams POST HERE

This thread will be locked for a while- I want everyone to read the rules before I open it up. This Thread will be well-pruned and I will delete anything that is not a request of a player searching for a team. The rules for posting in this thread will be as follows.

1. Every player searching for a team must post an email address or a phone number. Other details about the player are relevant, but EVERY SINGLE POST must include contact information.

2. Responses to the posts are not allowed. Please contact the player via email or phone, not within the thread.

3. Duplicate posts or posts that are comments or any other information will be deleted.

The point of this is to make this an easily accessible database for all interested and not cluttered up with extra information or comments. Any concerns or issues, feel free to drop me an email @

Re: Players Searching For Teams POST HERE

This thread is now open for posts. Players searching MUST include either a phone number (WITH AREA CODE) or an email or both. Posts without contact information will be REMOVED. Responses to posts will also be removed.


Re: Players Searching For Teams POST HERE

I'll post this one for the guy since he did not:

"I just moved to Indianapolis, and am looking to play some ball in the upcoming year. I see a lot of teams in the region, but what teams are there or will there be here? I saw posts about some new teams, any contact info?

I'm a LB/DE and know a thing or two about defense. My email is"

Re: Players Searching For Teams POST HERE

Well i am possibly looking for a team to play for in 2009 season anything you really want to know.


2001 Grizzlies
2002 Grizzlies

2003-2006 Longhorns

2007 St. Joseph county Thunder

2008 Shamrocks

2004 IFL allstar
2005 IFL allstar
2007 IFL allstar
2008 IFL allstar

185 Ibs-Not training
200 Ibs-when training

cell phone (574) 229-4042

Re: Players Searching For Teams POST HERE

Guess it was kinda stupid to not put my full name and where I am from.
Gary Rodich
South Bend IN area

Re: Players Searching For Teams POST HERE

Any team in the Indianapolis area looking for o-line. I am looking for a team that isn't stacked w/ them. I have played semi-pro before. I just don't want to be a pine rider. I am 6'2" 347. I can play anywhere on the o-line.


Name: Thomas Abernathy

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 270lbs(262 playing weight)

Age: 26 years young

Position: Defensive Line/ Linebacker/Special Teams

Experience: c/0 2001 Broad Ripple High School... 2004 Central Indiana Bear...2005-2006 Indianapolis Saber... 2007 Indianapolis Dragon

I am a team player and battle tested; I can also play any of the defensive line positions; I can also play the strong or weakside linebacker. My number is (317) 602-7640.

Re: Players Searching For Teams POST HERE



I am wondering what it takes to join a semipro team? I enjoy watching the sport but never played the sport. I am 37 yrs old, 5'11" 190lbs, and athletic. I played baseball and softball and did well at it. I consider myself fit, strong, and pretty darn fast! I can learn since i pretty much understand the sport. I'm just curious how this works. Would I be put on a reserve team? Is there training to teach me everything? I see myself as a WR or CB. I train cardio and strength training regularly. I've always had an ability to run very fast and explosive agility, thats why I think a CB or WR would be the ticket.
Thanks and Highly interested.


Re: Players Searching For Teams POST HERE

Lookin for a team , 13 years experiance 6'4" 350lbs oline only. would like to be in Indy area . 11 years with broncos, 1 year with explosion, 1 year with rhinos.

Re: Players Searching For Teams POST HERE

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Needs contact information or will be removed in 3 days.


Hey guys my name is Tommy Crum iam 6'2 245 OlB forty speed 4.7. I played four years in ATL. moved to Indy with my mother anyway.. I live in Greenwood I am looking for a team that isnt stacked with players but that are good in the Indy area.

Crum #54