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First off I want to say congratulations Blue team for a game well played and coming out with a win of 18-12 against the Red team.
Troy Edwards, who was the coach of the Red team put together a nice team.
I also want to commend, and thank coach Brent Slinkard, the head coach of the Red team. He done a nice job with the red team, but just come up short.
I have to give props to everyone that played in the game as they all done a nice job and showed some good sportsmanship.
Here are 3 gentlemen that received well deserved special awards.
#18 Danny Mack
Miami Valley Warriors.
Offensive player of the game.
#1 Dave Clawson
Indiana Generals
Special Teams/Defensive Player of the game.
I hope I get this next one right as I didn't catch his name.
#69 Andrew Koelblin
South West Ohio Blazers
Player of the game.

I also would like to thank all the people that helped on and off the field to put this together so it was such a great success.
I will be getting professional pictures here in approximately 2 weeks of the game, and I will put them up on a site so anyone wanting their pics can download them.
I believe Mitchell Frantz filmed the game which was greatly appreciated. Mitch, if possible I would like a copy of that game.
Also special word of mention goes out to Joey Marshall, Harold Frazier, and Kurt Engelking for their incredible feats on saturday night at the banquet. (You know what I am talking about) LOL

Good Luck everyone and have a great off season and we will be looking forward to seeing you all in 2009 as we all chase the championship.

Coach Agee
Miami Valley Warriors


Does anyone know what ever happened to the pics that were taken during this season's all-star game? It says they were going to be posted on MVW website but I haven't seen them.

Dave Clawson
Punter/Kicker #1
Indiana Generals